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Star Citizen 3.10 New Features

Star Citizen Alpha 3.10 the next major patch looks set to release to LIVE for the end of June, the features of 3.10 have changed somewhat over the last few months. This video will go over the features of 3.10, what we can talk about and all the FAQ that are asked about the Patch. What you can expect from the 3.10.0 release.

Will it have a Progress Wipe?… We don’t know for sure yet. CI try to keep aUEC & Asset progress between major patches.

When Will 3.10 go to wider PTU / LIVE?

Wider PTU could start as early as 19th June, expect it by the 26th.

End of June is the target for Live so expect it between the 26th of June and 3rd of July based on the progress of the PTU.

Will it come with Theatres of War? Theatres of War needs more work before going out to a wider testing group. ToW can be released and deployed separately to major PU patch releases at least at this stage. I’d expect to see a wider test group maybe in July/August?

Will there be any new/other Ships/Vehicles?

Currently listed for the 3.10 is only the P72 Emerald Skin and Updates to the m50 bringing it in line with the rest of the Origin Series of Ships.

There could very well be something new with 3.10 that’s not on the Roadmap, SCLeaks found some info pointing at a new mining ground vehicle the GreyCat ROC.

Will we see the Idris Mission?

Alpha 3.9 was supposed to have a Mission at the end of the Arlington Gang chain that had you going up against an NPC Idris and would take a large number of players working together to take down. This mission was pulled as the Idris wasn’t in a good enough place, though after Fleet Week it’s much more likely that the Idris is ready for this type of use. We could see the Idris mission in 3.10 live THOUGH it’s not confirmed yet.

What’s New with Locations in 3.10?

GrimHex 2.0 – has New Hangars, More Facilities and larger interior and they are building a space scramble race feature and betting shop. Will we get the races in 3.10? I don’t think so.

Better Terrain & Planetary Detail – Heightmaps & Oceans Updates this should see planets and moons change a bit, look a lot better and you might see some movement in geological features & POI placement. Water now will react to wind.

There are New Shop Locations with Items Opening up in New Babbage the Factory Line – where you can grab New mobiGlas, a new high tech crypto-key and various bits are on display like SimPods.

There is a Knick-nacks store too where you’ll be able to purchase some flair items.

There are some New Items & New Weapons for purchase too – the C54 Ballistic SMG & The New Damage type Electron Lightning Bolt Co. Pistol/Sniper.

There is a Sledge Ship Weapon Update & Rebalance.

We should see some other new items for sale around the Verse too. 

What Are The New Flight Model Changes?

We are going to see changes and tweak the model with thrusters not responding immediately giving ships a weightier feel.

Thruster Efficiency Curves will see thursters Weaker in Atmosphere based on the environment they are used in.

Aerodynamics of ships will matter a lot more, this should also take into account damage & ship mode (if you have the wings or landing gear down).

These should give us a very different experience in atmosphere with a bit more of a detailed simulation and ships no longer acting like floating turrets.

What Combat Changes are there?

High Speed Combat – When ships are travelling at high speed above SCM various aspects of their functionality will be impacted. It will take you longer to lock on to target with missiles for example.

There are UI Updates with Ship HuDs & Targeting updates that should improve the combat experience.

There are ESP & General Aiming Improvements for weapons and turrets – there are tweaks to PIP calculation to improve the stability for hitting targets in all aiming modes.

You should see tweaks to ships and weapons for a bit of rough balance too. 

What Recently Slipped off the Roadmap for 3.10?

Elevator Panels Updates, Surrendering which will be the ability to power down your ship or otherwise surrender to security forces without combat.

Eddie Parr the Wally’s Bar Owner & Mission Giver – Although they are removing this Mission Giver Bartender from 3.10s release their are still Bartender AI updates going in that will have them being able to server players and NPCs as well as operate their bar.

Will there be less 30k disconnects, crashes, server & performance issues with 3.10?

CI have been working on Server Improvements, Backend Service Redundancy & Deployment Improvements that should hopefully mean that there are less issues akin to the problems during Fleet Week and with Alpha 3.9s branch. 30k errors are an umbrella term for all forms of Server/Client Disconnect. We won’t know how successful any improvements are or if there are any new problems for sure until 3.10 goes LIVE tho.

What Else is New in 3.10?

They have said that there is a Trading App coming to 3.10 this is very basic but allows the sending of Merits & aUEC to another player whether they are online OR not.

This is a massive change to the game and it’s economy giving much more value & use to the in game currency being able to send it to another player and having them buy a ship for example… and as LTP allows for progress to potentially carry over to the next major patch it becomes much more viable for players to work together to get ships, mine together etc…

Impounding has been added so that infractions can have different fines and durations, allowing light penalties for blocking pads versus harsher penalties for pad ramming. Players lingering over landing areas without permission will now see a countdown timer warning them of imminent impoundment, should they not withdraw.

Restricted Area Rework – We will see the SpacePorts at Lorville & Area 18 operate differently. When you request a landing a flight corridor will be shown on your HUD guiding you in to your landing area.

FPS AI Updates – AI should be able to make use of cover much more effectively as well as understand what weapon they have equipped and make effective use of it.

Hopefully this will also see AI being less generally derpy.

Body Dragging, allowing you to drag corpses or incapacited characters around.

This is not an exhaustive list though there are a few extra bits that we should see in the 3.10 live build that CI are working on during the PTU phase.

We could certainly see some new missions & improvements to current ones, location updates, customization and some other updates to features, QoL improvements, Bug Fixes and more.

And that’s it for today and hopefully that will keep you prepared for when the Wider PTU starts AND for 3.10 LIVE.