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Star Citizen Vanduul Ship Rework

Star Citizen we have had some extra information about what CI have been working on beyond 3.10 and also some updates coming for Vanduul Ships this is a Summary of the Official Inside Star Citizen: Enemy Mine Video.

Combat AI are getting updates so that they have finite ammo and are aware of how much they have and when they need to obtain some more, they will then go look for ammo. This has them being able to find an ammo box interactable and grab ammo from it at the moment, in the future this could see them grab ammo off the floor, a body or maybe change their weapons.

The 100 Series of Origin Starter Ships is flyable for 3.11 they are currently getting the Greybox finished off and going into final art. This will give some additional start ship choices to players BUT also starter ships may be suitable for gameplay that’s not just for when you are beginning the game… their price and focus might cause them to be used as a meta for certain missions OR as shuttles…

They are testing a weapon and item rack for the gladius that you access from the external of the ship that will be in 3.10. This is going to be extra important for when we get fully physicalized inventories.

There is a new dashboard & UI for the Gladius that they showed that looks fantastic, all the little switches have function is the idea. These cockpit interactions will see more work for next quarter.

Refinery Decks that are planned for 3.11 were shown off as well in their early GreyBox Phase. These areas are Super Industrial with Smelting & Mining Equipment around.

They will provide mining and Refinery Services, Missions and gear.

And along with Cargo Decks that are also planned for 3.11 should expand out the Industrial, Economy and Trade areas of the game.

Fire Propagation has evolved and they are working on a sim that uses and tracks fuel amount, smoke, temperature, the type of object & even realistically grows. The idea of fire and fire suppression is awesome, I suspect it to be closely tied to missions, salvage and repair.

Work continues on the Pyro System. Pyro 2 has large bodies of water and they are looking at changing some of it’s background as there maybe some more going on with it… 

Originally the planet was supposed to of been picked clean mineral deposit wise BUT they said they were going to maybe take a look at that.

I suspect the Pyro Crab the giant terrifying one we recently saw will also appear here at some point. There are going to be updates and changes to the planet… it’s early work BUT progress is being made… we don’t know if Pyro is still pegged to be released in 2020.

There was a lot shown on Vanduul Ships, their art has evolved over the years and their ships have seen updates.

When they build out the Kingship interior for Squadron 42s needs, CI decided to apply that style to all Vanduul Ships.

They explored lots of material types and styles for the Vanduul.

Deep Sea Creatures and Creepy Crawlys influenced the Vanduul ships & race.

Vanduul ships have silhouettes inspired by of birds of prey.

Vanduul scavenge weapons and tech from the battlefield and from raids which influenced their style too.

The Blade is a sleek nimble fighter, the cockpit is the only part that differs between the current human and vanduul versions. Vanduul are larger than humans and sit in their seats like it’s a bike and require different cockpits due to that.

Vanduul ships apparently have heavier armor on the top of their ships as they are attacking downwards, like an eagle swooping down… and they can see where they are being shot from so they can dodge it? Seems a bit counter productive… I’d armor where I am aiming towards… tanks IRL used to armor their fronts the most for the purpose.

On the new scythe the weapons are not integrated into the ship like the old one.

Asymmetry is a major design choice of some of the vanduul ships BUT they wanted the scythe to look a little more balanced visually than previously.

They also wanted it to be more of a medium fighter, with armor plates, still more agile than human medium fighters tho.

The Glaive LOOKS AMAZING NOW. It has much more of a unique look.

Not just a symmetrical scythe like it was before it’s now evolved into it’s own hull.

Those Vanduul Ships have seen massive changes and will be updated for the PU in a future patch.