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Star Citizen News – What Did The Banu Say?

Star Citizen with a look at the latest News and a quick summary of the week. 3.10 is preparing for Wider PTU and is currently being tested by the evocati. CI have said that the launch of LIVE will be in July but I would expect it to be early July personally. It doesn’t look like any other features are slipping, on the Roadmap update it was just features being marked completed OR in polishing for 3.10.

We got a post on the flight and combat model changes coming in 3.10.

Atmospheric Flight will see major changes with Aerodynamics and Thruster Efficiency seeing ships heavier in atmosphere and fly a bit more realistically.

Jerk was added to make thrusters not instantly react as well so ships in space and atmo will feel more weighty too.

For Combat going about SCM speed will see gimbals slower and targeting & missile locks take longer.

They have worked on improvements for ESP, PiPs and aiming for Fixed Weapons.

Turrets are more stable and should be easier to hit with.

Targeting someone will tell them they are being targeted and you can pin and cycle targets.

All these systems will be evolving in coming patches too.

We had a Sneak Peek for the Size 12 Torpedos that they have been working on. The Javelin should make use of S12 Torps and they big.

Inside Star Citizen  looked at updates coming to the Vanduul ships, that at some point will make it into the PU. The Cockpits of the Vanduul ships for Vanduul are very different from the human refit ones. The Scythe and Glaive has changed significantly with their rework and look amazing now.

The Gladius is getting a FUNCTIONAL weapon and item rack that is accessed externally on the ship for Alpha 3.10. No confirmation yet if they will be getting weapons racks that are internal to ships functional at the same time.

Pyro is still getting work and Pyro 2 might get an update to it’s lore making it more appealing to visit. Fire Experiments as well as Refinery Decks and the 100 Series (that is coming 3.11) were also shown off in the episode.

Star Citizen Live looked or listened to the Sounds of Star Citizen:

They are going to be making the sounds of flybys more whooshy.

It didn’t sound like they were going to be adding sonic booms anytime soon… that would actually get annoying quickly I think xD

The sound of ships will be getting deeper audio work, you’ll be hearing the hum or function of each component.

They want to improve Quantum Travel sounds.

In Lore now positional audio in helmet/cockpit simulates the audio of what’s happening in space around you.

Foot Steps will have different sounds for different materials.

The Audio people on the show seemed pretty happy about working from home and how CI had quickly adapted something that worked for them.

We will see more ship voices in the future.

Alien Week has come to a close BUT the Banu put out a Message as part of Alien Week in Banu… and some very dedicated translators took to translating it. It appears to just be a fluff message…and I’ll read my interpretation of it taken from a post on the community hub from TroubbleGum that was for a public collaborative effort to decode what those sneaky Banu were saying, I’ve taken a couple of liberties. It’s a bit janky as it’s Banu and they are a bit overly trade focused:

Let’s work together so we can all profit from trade,

It seems such a short time since we started trading between Human and Banu.

Our First Contact Day reminds us to celebrate learning each other’s languages brings everyone together!

Humans Standard language is widely spoken, and trade is best when we all sell more.

So we will offer a lesson in trade for getting the most out of trades between Banu & Humans. 

If we give a human a free gift, they buy things because gifts make’s them uncomfortable.

You can give those clothing pins that are small and not expensive, but common utilitarian things in the market, available locally. Even if it doesn’t look that great.

Present it to them and say in Standard “Happy First Contact Day! This gift shows shows how we Banu Appreciate humans

If humans ask the question “Why is trade such an important tradition to the Banu?”, it may be difficult for a Banu to answer, as they live and die by trade. 

They may be offended, but won’t show it in their speech.

Everything of Value can be traded.

Sometimes Humans don’t trade with the Banu and have secrets they won’t trade.

This doesn’t make sense in the Banu Marketplace.

Business between Humans and Banu is good.

Some humans are less likely to want to do business outside of their family or group.Just repeat Trading goods is nice between friends or their families!