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Most Asked Questions – Star Citizen June 2020

Star Citizen with a load of questions and answers for common questions I have seen over the last couple of weeks for June 2020 from 3.10 asset wipes to ships in concept to squadron 42 updates.

Will There be an Asset Wipe with 3.10 or Future Patches?

We won’t 100% know until LIVE… the plan currently is to try and save assets from 3.9 to 3.10 I believe. Though there were some exploits and issues with the 3.8 and 3.9 branch that could also help an argument that a reset would be a good idea.

We will have resets in the future from time to time BUT CI will try to do this as minimal as possible.

When are more Flyable Ships going to be available for Purchase / Rental?

CI will be adding more of the current ships into shops available for in game currency in each Major Patch from now on it appears.

When will X ship or My Ship be in game? 

On the Roadmap we currently have

The 100 Series and Mercury Star Runner planned for Alpha 3.11 but beyond that it’s a little more hazy.

The Hercules C2 looks like they are aiming in for Q4 2020

We do not have a firm timeline on anything beyond that.

The Ships I get asked about the most are the Banu Merchantman & Polaris.

Cloud Imperium suggested that the Polaris will see active development before the Merchantman as it requires less concept work to it before moving into White/GreyBox.

The Idris and Javelin have been shown during Fleet week and expect to see them again in the future for events and controlled by NPCs for missions in the shorter term. A Player Flyable one is further out.

CI should reveal plans for Q4 and other ships that are in active development in the next few weeks.

What New Concepts or Straight to Flyable Ships or Vehicles do we know about?

There looks like there is a GreyCat Mining Vehicle 3.10 called the ROC.

And there are Rumors of a future RSI Gunship now flying around, that Star Citizen leaks had a video on literally while I was recording this… they say it’s potentially a 100m long Gunboat with a lot of gun.

CI have previously discussed a

Tevarin Fighter

Xi’An Cargo Ship

Mobile Refinery Ship

At some point we should see Titan Suits which are the powerloader/ironman type suits.

And there are likely going to be a few ships/vehicles a year beyond that, however CI have started favoring more ships going straight to flyable without the concept sales, which might see less ships and vehicle sales a year BUT more in the way of actual flyable ones.

We will still occasionally see Concept Sales still just much less often.

How often will limited or new ships go on sale?

We should have some ships on sale every time a Major Patch is released, with anything new being available. Including any straight to flyable new surprise ships.

Other major events in the year will be the end of November IAE, which is typically when almost all the ships in the game go on sale again.

However Fleet week was soooo successful this year in May that I would expect to see a sale and event every year then too.

CitizenCon 2020 has been Cancelled but Instead of CitizenCon they should be having some form of online/ingame celebration that I suspect will also be a some bits on sale as well.

Also Rumors have the next CitizenCon in the first half of 2021… tho currently that is just a rumor.

When are we getting the Squadron 42 Update?

We are still getting a Monthly Report at the start of each month that goes over a lot of work that is ongoing with SQ.

But we are still waiting on a Video Update that was promised a few weeks ago and was delayed as well as some form of new weekly update format. 

Ulf on Spectrum gave a quick update:

“We are still working on the Squadron 42 Update video we mentioned in a previous “This Week in Star Citizen” post. The reason for the delay, as we have stated before, is that it didn’t live up to our standards, so we went back, captured additional b-roll, and also re-shot some of the content. We are aware that many are eagerly waiting for the video to arrive, but we won’t publish it before we believe it’s ready.

In the video (because I’ve seen a couple of speculative posts about the content), we are checking in with Brian Chambers and some of the developers to see what they are currently working on.”

Theatres of War is still being worked on, expect it to go to evocati again some point after 3.10 has been released and then to a wider test group when it is in an appropriate state.

When will we have the Pyro System? Last we heard they wanted to have it in game for 2020 BUT that might be unrealistic now due to lockdown… CI have not updated us yet… we need to see the Q4 2020 Patch on the Roadmap.

When is Crusader, it’s landing zone Orison getting added? That is planned for Q4 2020 as far as we are aware, as are more updates to the Stanton System.

In regard to when features will be completed and what’s coming next, it is worth waiting for the Q4 Roadmap, then we can discuss CI’s intentions in a lot more detail.


The iCache is being worked on now & is a major update to the persistence backend and item database helping with stability & efficiency for the game. That then also allows for Global Persistence and Physical Inventory. Last we heard it will be finished this year.

Will 3.10 be more stable?

CI have specifically been trying to make 3.10 more stable and have also been getting some redundant services in place to help with accessibility issues. 30k errors or crashes are a blanket term for any form of client/server disconnect and are sometimes out of CIs hands as in they can never promise they will be gone BUT they can certainly clear up and hopefully solve a lot of causes of them going forward.