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Star Citizen 3.10 PTU 1st Wave Soon!

Star Citizen with what’s coming up this week BUT also I wanted to talk about 3.10 going to Wider PTU and more on the Potential for the GreyCat Industrial ROC Buggy going straight to driveable in 3.10 as well.

This Week In Star Citzien Post

Tuesday we have a declassified Subscriber Story Post with Part 2 of Lost Squad: Before the Fall.

Wednesday, will have the announcement of Alien Week’s Winners of the Intragalactic Cook-Off & First Contact Contest.

Thursday has another Inside Star Citizen and will take a deeper look into upcoming Flight and Fight improvements coming with 3.10. This is further to the recent Flight & Fight Post that we covered in an earlier video BUT the changes with Combat, Aiming, Turrets, QoL updates to Ships, ESP/PiPs as well as the Flight Model the addition of Jerk, Aerodynamics, Lower Thruster Efficiency in Atmosphere & Higher Speeds reducing functionality of a ship all look like great changes on paper for SC imo.

And Friday has an episode of Calling All Devs with more info on PvP Gameplay. It’s a pre-recorded show AND it should go a way of explaining the 3.10 changes and future plans for making PvP competitive and how there are many choices and loadouts that can be effective.

On Friday we will alsol see a Roadmap update and Roundup, an update to the Subscriber Vault, the RSI Newsletter, and the latest issue of Jump Point if you are an RSI Subscriber anyway.

Something else to potentially look forward to soon is 3.10 going Wider PTU! 

I personally think that this will be this week.

It is highly likely that there will be a straight to flyable ship or vehicle with 3.10 as well.

SCLeaks recently talked about the GreyCat Industrial ROC and I believe that GreyCat just got an entry on the Ship Pledge Section:

I wanted to talk a bit more about what we might see and why with a bit of a theorycrafting session. The rumors behind the vehicle is that it is a Small Ground Mining Vehicle that will fit into many ships. It has a mining laser on it, that may be smaller than that of the Prospector’s.

Typically there are vehicle sizes for components which are a smaller size than that of S1 ship items.

Why would you want this over a Prospector then?

This adds to the utility of another ship, putting it into a Constellation for example.

It can get to areas where the Prospector can’t, in a cave or ravine.

It might be more fuel and safety efficient, with atmospheric flight being more taxing on your ship, there might be planets that it is dangerous to try and mine with the Prospector OR it costs a lot in fuel to just keep the Prospector Airborne.

Also once we have base building CI I suspect operating a Mining Vehicle out of a base might be very cost efficient if you have an area with lots of mineral wealth.

It’s possible that this vehicle might have some other or future utility beyond mining, maybe salvage or repair.

I am interested to see how much room it has for mineables and will it be able to transfer what it mines easily? If it only has a tiny amount of room, then do I have to keep unloading it? OR is it supposed to be used to support other mining ops, I don’t have to pick up what I mine? Will the new push pull mechanics in 3.11 enable you to pick up chunks of Rock and load them onto ships by hand? We know that CI have been working on a Gravity Tool for the Multi-Tool as well to aid in picking up objects. 

We do know that CI are working on a Mobile Refinery as well which should go flyable or into concept at some point too, maybe the intention is to work with that?

As I said this is more theorycrafting but all signs (at least in my opinion) are pointing to the Greycat ROC being a Feature for 3.10. If I were to price it then maybe between $70-90 would be my guesstimate.