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Weekly News June 28th 2020

Star Citizen Weekly News Update where we quickly check up on what happened over the last week in star citizen, roadmap updates, SC official videos and posts this time for the week ending the 28th of June 2020.

Unfortunately we are still waiting on the 1st Wave PTU for the Star Citizen Alpha 3.10.0 which is currently still with Evocati. On the Roadmap more of the Features for 3.10 went into polishing with just the bartender and targeting yet to be “complete”. Without breaking my NDA, CI are focused on getting the remainder of some blockers cleared that will then see the patch out to 1st wave. I believe that they are trying to get better optics for stability and accessibility. We know that the Live build is planned sometime in July and I would suspect that CI want to get that done as early as possible.

In the RSI Newsletter “Hold The Line” we had a sneak peek at some of the new advanced crypto-keys that will be available from the Factory Line shop on New Babbage in 3.10

This Week’s Inside Star Citizen 3.10 Approaches looked at various features coming with the patch with a focus on Flight & Combat improvements.

Ships will fly a bit more like planes in atmosphere in 3.10, it’s a significant change. 

They are planning for ship races in atmosphere.

Jerk, Aerodynamics & thruster efficiency all play a major part. Wind and weather will really affect ships.

There is a load of improvements for combat, better targeting (that tells you when you are being targeted too) and pinned target cycling, fixed weapon & turret assist helping shots hit, also targets will be shared with others on your ship too.

Moving above SCM speeds will cause your gimbals to track slower and locking on to take more time.

There are lots more interations and improvements to be made beyond 3.10 based on plans and player feedback 

They also talked about some of 3.10s other features a couple I wanted to highlight they are overhauling the Delivery Missions and they are a bit more in depth now.

And you’ll be able to purchase paints and ship customizations from shops like dumpers depot.

Calling All Devs was focused on PvP. Star Citizen’s PU will cater for players that want a PvE or PvP experience, though you are unlikely to ever be 100% safe from PvP.

There are security forces and laws to prevent RDM and griefing.

There are systems like Pyro that will be very much focused on PvP or at least will not have Security & the Protections of Stantion… tho Stanton itself will have areas that are much more PvP focused.

In the future you will be able to loot each other, equipment and loadouts will be incredibly important, you won’t be able to pilot ships in heavier armors. Physical Inventory means you will only be able to carry a limited amount.

ToW has made significant progress and they have made a load of changes and improvements based on feedback along with heavily optimizing performance.

The Subscriber Jump Point Magazine looked at a Invictus Launch Week Retrospective, the G-12 Rover which has all of the systems needed already to put it in game… it just needs to be fully built out. There was some interesting background on the Idris suggesting that you may be able to outfit them for many purposes, at least in lore their are Idris that scan down salvage, their were ones used for freight, one as an armored luxury ship, the stats are currently showing 28 crew which makes sense for all the stations and turrets the ship has BUT we won’t know optimal crew sizes until we have all the gameplay loops and mechanics like repair completed.

Work on the Idris, Javelin, F8 Heavy Fighter and more have all been making progress behind the scenes, they have had some basic work done to them beyond their SQ42 needs enabling them to be used by NPCs in the PU.

They had to create some simple capital ship AI behaviors.

The audio team actually voice the Brevic Convention centre audio themselves.

All of the work done for the ILW will carry over and be used in development.

There were also some bits on the Lightning Bolt Co that make the New Sniper and Pistol for 3.10, it looks like security forces may well use these weapons regularly. The Sub Flair for July may be special “deadeye” editions for those New Electron Weapons too.

They also confirmed during the week they are still working on their Squadron 42 Update video and that will be aired once it’s ready.

And that’s it for this week. I am awaiting the 3.10 1st wave ptu so that I can then create content on that patch and I am sure you are all anxious to try the patch yourself.