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Still Waiting on Alpha 3.10 – This Week in Star Citizen

What’s Happening This Week in Star Citizen as we move into the first week of July 2020.

We are still waiting on SC Alpha 3.10 to go from Evocati to First wave PTU. CI have said:

“As you’ve probably heard by now, we started testing the upcoming Alpha 3.10 with our Evocati Test Flight group. The Evocati testers are currently hammering away at early versions of the build and reporting bugs and feedback so we can open up access to more and more players. We’re very close to being able to open the PTU up to a larger audience and can’t wait for you all to get your hands on it. Stay tuned for more info!”

I was expecting the PTU to be in full swing by now… but hopefully that should be something we get this week!

On Tuesday, they are releasing a former Subscriber-exclusive Portfolio Post on the 6th Platoon with some background and lore stuff.

Wednesday will bring the PU & the Squadron 42 Monthly Report, highlighting what the developers got up to throughout June and are working on currently.

The Monthly Reports give us the only SQ42 updates we see currently and a lot of info about what is going on with the projects. I am going to be closely looking for any more details on vulkan integration with their Gen12 Renderer, News on the iCache & Server Meshing and any indications of content and plans for Q4 2020.

Inside Star Citizen is on a 3 week break and is expected to return on the 23rd of July

Because of the upcoming US holiday, the Roadmap will receive its update a day earlier than usual. We are also waiting on the Roadmap to expand out to Q4 2020 which should happen at some point soon.

Friday on Star Citizen Live at 4pm UTC will see the Vehicle Experience Team answering questions mainly on Vehicle Flight Experience, Targeting & Turrets.

There is a thread up at the moment requesting questions for that. Currently the most asked questions there are:

Could you give us information on AI Blade / NPC crew for turrets on big ships?

How long can non-VTOL ships expect to “hover” before they start to damage their maneuvering thrusters?

We’re getting improved targeting for fixed weapons. Can you go into more depth on exactly what that means and how it will affect combat with fixed loadouts?

What benefits can VTOL ships expect to have, over those without VTOL thrusters?

What is the difference between an AI Blade and an NPC crew, what will make me decide if I should take one or the other?

I wanted to show these as well Capucha4 has made awesome Star Kitten versions of the 890 & Javelin. I need to visit the Star Citizen Content hub more for cool stuff like that.

I will be covering all of 3.10 new features and gameplay as soon as that hits 1st wave ptu.

The priority being Patch Notes, a Look at each of the New major Features, Tours of any new ships/vehicles and some guides on where new items/ships/gear is as well as how to make some quick aUEC in each of the roles (tho I might save the majority of that series for the LIVE build)

Tomorrow we will have the winner of the June Giveaway for the Prowler and a New Ship for July’s Giveaway announced.