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July 2020 Channel Update

A Star Citizen BoredGamer July Channel Update looking at what’s coming up during the month, updates to content and more.

For June we had a Prowler Giveaway, the Winner for that is Skooma Gnark Congratulations.

For July we have a New Giveaway for a Banu Merchantman & Star Citizen Game Package, the big alien Trade Vessel currently in it’s concept phase. To be in for a chance of winning, just comment on any of my videos made during July 2020, more details in the description below.

I believe you’ll get a Caterpillar, Defender in the PU in the short term to use while waiting on that if you do win.

What’s to look forward to this month from Star Citizen & CI?

We have the Alpha 3.10 PTU 1st Wave, Wider PTU & LIVE Builds all planned for July… with a whole host of new features…

The biggest updates being the Combat & Flight Model which plans to address a lot of the problems with the games core mechanics.

Also a massive addition imo is the Financial App giving you the ability to send aUEC to another player easily.

We may see that rumored GreyCat ROC Mining Vehicle as well.

The patch is a huge QoL and Feature Update patch for the most part and should leave Star Citizen’s PU in a much better State.

CI have been working on a Squadron 42 Video Update which has become a bit of a meme now hopefully that will be done soon, giving us some more updates with Squadron with some visual aids.

That said we do have the monthly reports for both Squadron and PU coming out that will give us a load of info on the project anyway.

There will be an episode of Pillar Talk looking at the successes and updates in 3.10. 

We should hopefully see the Q4 2020 Roadmap Update for the PU… and whether it’s going to be 4.0 or 3.12

There are likely going to be some more ToW Evocat tests after 3.10 goes LIVE, if they go well it might open up to a wider testing group.

General Content Plans from me I wanted to cover some staple New Basic News Series

What’s Happening This Week

Monthly Roundup at the end of the month

Shorter more focused Video Summaries on posts/videos like Dev Responses or ISC.

Videos Covering the Monthly Reports in context.

Most Asked Questions Videos from Viewers on my Channel and Spectrum/Reddit

A New 3.10 Tutorial – Quick Start Guide

Something covering Each Gameplay Loop in 3.10 not just new ones, I want to cover all the content in the game and talk about it. Mining, Cargo, Mission Playthroughs, PvP, Prisons & Outlaw, Easter Eggs and a lot of this will be done coop/multiplayer where sensible to do so. I’d really like to do both general gameplay and guides on each of the major roles separately.

Any Hot Topics that show up.

I want to, if the flight model is good, redo my ship buyers guide series, look at the game meta and what works and what doesn’t.

I am going to be Expanding out to a few more bits of content over the next quarter for Star Citizen.

There are some other videos that I might explore as well, I saw on the grey market that someone was Selling aUEC for like $100 every million and I wanted to look at the madness of that  both from a pov of the currency is EXTREMELY volatile and does that go against TOS/EULAs… that sort of stuff.

Inside Star Citizen is taking a break for the next 3 weeks… BUT we should have 3.10 content to focus on.

Something else I will update once 3.10 is out is my Windows 10, SC Performance & USER.cfg Guide. I want to get my website and content on there into a good state.

In regard to Star Citizen, Squadron 42 & CI Leaks on the channel my stance is No Evocati Patch Leaks on my channel as I am an Evocati member… the only thing you’ll get out of me is… is acknowledging there is a known build in evocati or badly estimated dates of when it will go to 1st wave PTU.

I will tLightly Touch Other Leaks that are from data-mining or non-evocati leaks BUT I don’t plan on making huge video about them… that said it depends what it is… and your definition of a leak… as some people would define it as anything that doesn’t come officially from CI… BUT thats a far too broad definition!

I have asked CI to make a statement about leaks, evocati and concerns that I have as a content creator… I poked them after watching SaltEMike talking about how is he supposed to police his Twitch Chat for Evocati Leaks… And the short answer in my opinion is that he shouldn’t have to or need to… hopefully CI can be a bit clearer on their POV on leaks and reassure creators they are not going to get in trouble for stuff that is out of their hands.

Also for those of you that were unaware I am going to be Accepting Ships from CI that they offer AS LONG AS THEY ARE 100% no strings attached beyond them being used for Giveaways. I thought about it and I am going to continue covering the project for the next 5+ years at least and will actively push for office tours and such… CI have been giving out ships to some content creators when they release a major patch and I think it would be foolish to not accept. I will however be transparent about that at all stages. The Cutlass Blue and Prowler Giveaways for example were from CI.

When is zin starting? – As many of you know I am taking on a full time editor and channel aide (zinya), that’s now Officially happening on the 1st of August though she’ll be doing some learnings during July.

That should mean significantly better b-roll, more videos and more guides/gameplay.

I’d like to get at least 2 things out a day as a target… so a video and a livestream OR 2 videos that sort of thing… though that won’t always be possible xD it’s a nice target.

Also tutorials, guides, ship buyers guides I don’t have the technical skill to do them justice BUT I do have the knowledge… zin should make them possible… I can chuck her the audio and brief and then she can make it a reality.

If 3.10 is in a stable state, I want to regularly do gameplay streams and get people that are interested playing during the day from the discord and BoredGamer Org… I’ve wanted to actually do something with it for a while BUT I’ve not really had the time nor has SC had the stability to do what I wanted… but zin can organize that for me xD

Thank you for the kind messages about my Father, he has been doing pretty well recently to the point he was in the garden repaving slabs…

I have been doing pretty well too, I really enjoy working and I have been busy looking after my family so have been a bit less affected by lockdown than some others… mainly for the fact I just haven’t had time to go out anyway.

Annoyingly Lockdown has really affected me travelling to bar citizens, trying to get an office tour at Wilmslow again, CitizenCon being cancelled. It has hampered my ability to get a business bank account a bit. With lockdown if you are suffering from not having human contact, reach out to someone… if you are not suffering, reach out to someone xD Make sure they are ok! Discord and the internets are great to be able to connect to peeps.

I’ve been building a 40k Army for the new 9th Edition of the Game.

Lots of Big stompy Cerastus Knights and Adeptus Mechanicus Cavalry… It’s kind of a Knightly Household… and one of the plans is to go upto Manchester and play against some of the CI guys there like John Crewe at some point when we are less locked down.

I’ll be getting updates of the army and what’s going on with that in the future BUT I want to get a load of 3.10 content sorted before having a more of a focus on that.

I want to say a Special Thanks to my ViPs, Youtube Channel Members, patreons and big donors that have really helped out the channel over the last few weeks!

Especially Myles, Robert Johnston, Huntress, Paul M, Plastic, Bill Bryant, Alex Jettle, Andy Green, Mill, Andy, Mantis, Shite, Michael Ake, Julian, TheDoctor, Kasper, SvenTurbo, Pixie and a big as possible thank you to Sgt.Eversman you monster… you all went far  beyond what other humans would do they have helped make all the content on my channel more possible!!

People becoming Channel Members via the join button at the bottom of my video or via Patreon and going that extra mile with donations ALL REALLY REALLY HELPS so consider it if you want to!

We have been working on some exclusive content BUT you should see some interesting cuts of 3.10 stuff from me and zin during the month!

My Mods THANK YOU!!! You get nothing from me and help me out no end!

Slightly more shilly stuff…:

Asetek known for their cooling solutions, have sent me an Alienware Aurora R10 PC… actually as part of another project to build a Star Citizen Focused Rig in 2020 which I am currently working on.

But that PC they have provided me has improved my daily workflow massively for BoredGamer, Playing Star Citizen and Making Videos, a key part of that being Ryzen 3950x CPU… That’s helped cutdown rendering times and allowed for significantly better video capture.

You’ll see some dedicated videos in the future looking at Star Citizen’s Performance with it and on my actual workflow as well as a video. Building a Star Citizen Gaming PC and Asetek’s Cooling Solutions will be at the centre of that. Links below to find out more BUT they also have coolnation which gives a good amount of regular relevant more general hardware news, which I heartily recommend.

NordVPN remains one of the services I will support and use and shill for. It’s cheap, fast and has many benefits over VPNs… helping with security, accessibility, anonymity and safety on the internet, with people working from home a lot in 2020 I really recommend them. Use the links below to get discounts and help support the channel!

With Shadow stuff (which is the cloud base subscription based gaming PC service) I’ll be Testing it with Alpha 3.10 PTU and LIVE builds to judge suitability for the latest patch… there has been a lot of updates with both shadows hardware options, software and controller support. I’ll check that out later this month!

And that’s it for my update for this month… I am keenly looking forward to the Monthly Reports and 3.10 as I know many of you are.