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Star Citizen Alpha 3.10.0 Still AFK

Star Citizen Weekly Roundup for the weekending 5th of July.

Where are we with 3.10? What’s Happened this week, highlights of the Monthly Reports, 3.9 Postmortem and SCLive that looked at further ship updates coming in 3.10.

3.10.0 is still with evocati and has yet to go to 1st wave ptu…

This is for a mixture of reasons, a long weekend for the American Studios due to the 4th of July AND because there are some blockers that need to get cleared before going to 1st wave… It appears they are trying to be a bit more through with some of the bugs before pushing the patch out further.

The Newsletter Sneak Peek appears to be some of the examples of Paint/Skin Customization coming potentially in 3.10.

Monthly Report for the PU showed more progress on the Pyro system with the 3rd and 4th planets now getting work along with the start of modelling of the Pyro Crab.

The Mercury StarRunner and Hercules StarLifter are making good progress.

And there are 2 more yet unannounced ships they have been working on.

On the Squadron 42 side Vanduul Melee & work towards finishing off the Vanduul Characters were my highlights, they will then focus on the Xi’An Characters in earnest. We also saw a Concept of a Big Death Laser from a Kingship firing at an Idris.

There has been a huge amount of AI work done shared across both games too.

There was a Fleet Week & 3.9 Postmortem which gave some interesting info, I’ll highlight the main bits. FleetWeek saw more unique SC players than ever previously, combined. The major problems seen during the 3.9 branch are going to be more fully addressed in the Q4 2020 patch with some major network/server updates.

Prisons will see lots more gameplay, 3.10 will have missions to fix the vending/oxygen machines for inmates. The Vending Kiosks should function as intended in 3.11 and prison escapes should have a lot more to think about and mechanics to them.

Later there will be more missions, gameplay and opportunities here too.

July Ship of the Month is the RSI Mantis Quantum Enforcement Ship.

Star Citizen Live was on with the vehicle experience team on Targets, Turrets & Take-Offs

Ships won’t be able to indefinitely maintain hover while in atmosphere, it will generate a lot of heat and overheat during prolonged periods, VTOL thrusters are more effective for Atmospheric hovering. In the future environmental temperature will also affect ship and component heating/cooling.

Wind will majorly affect ship flight, you’ll be able to hear and feel it very much so.

Cargo will add to ship weight and will affect flight performance too, potentially preventing you from getting out of the atmosphere.

Aerodynamics is important too, each ship is different, ships can glide to an extent tho thrusters are currently needed for direction changes… in the future they are improving this and you’ll even be able to just glide by disabling thrusters completely.

In the future missiles will also be affected by atmospheric conditions.

In the future if you are damaged, have your landing gear down or have doors open this will all affect your atmospheric flight.

It’s still the plan to be able to survive ejecting while planetside in the future.

Larger ships will feel a lot more heavy in 3.10 with the addition of jerk, though all ships will be affected… basically thrusters take time to respond fully to inputs.

They will be updating the Gforce and Blackouts model in the future too.

The new Fixed Weapon Assist just helps the projectiles hit their mark… it’s not an extreme auto aim, nor will it bend projectiles around corners.

There are new Ship HuDs in 3.10 and more they are building now, in the future Ship manufacturers will all have their own types of HuD.

We will be able to see HuD much more easily even on contrasted backgrounds.

Pilots and Turret Gunners can share targets on their ship.

We will see a altimeter on the HuD in the future

PiPs will still be draw differently for different weapon types if they are fixed… gimbals will converge them tho. If you are running fixed weapons on a ship… maybe mono-boating is still the way to go in 3.10? 

We will see subcomponent targeting in the future but we need physicalized components first.

There are various QoL Updates and Improvements with more functional armor and hardpoint size and positional changes on some ships.

Hazard Lights for night time flying will be added in the future too.

And that’s it for a quick recap this week