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Star Citizen Foundation Festival 2950

We have the Foundation Festival which is mostly a fluff event and the details of the New RSI Subscriber Flair for July, I also wanted to look at some more Dev Responses… that all appear to be from Chad McKinney Lead Gameplay Programmer at the LA Studio.

Buy Back Tokens have been reset/refreshed, these allow you to buy back a ship you had previously melted using store credit and you can do this once every 3 months when they reset the tokens. The next refresh is on October 5th 2020.

The Foundation Festival 2950 post was just a very small set of things nothing really major, it’s a Competition, Info on Imperators Day and Updates to the Guide System.

That said I do like the idea of regular mini-sales, festivals and things to get involved with every week or 2.

There is a Crew Screenshot Contest

We’re looking for the three most breathtaking action screenshots of you and your crew, whether it’s hijacking a cargo vessel, asking microTech’s wealthy businessmen for a “voluntary” donation, tracking a fugitive across Hurston’s moons, making Stanton’s biggest mining claim, or something entirely different.

With prizes of an Argo Mole, Retaliator & Freelancer for the top 3.

You also need to tell them your team name & why you and your friends are the best crew to get the job done in one sentence.

Contest Ends as clock strikes August 3rd.

I’ll link the thread and all the rules below.

Imperator’s Day is Sunday July 12, it commemorates the forming of the UNE United Nations of Earth. We don’t know if there is going to be anything special happening here BUT CI did signpost some info on the Imperator Elections that are happening this year and may be influenced by players.

There is a Guide System Update. For those of you that don’t know there is a Player Guide System on the RSI website that pairs trainees with a hopefully experienced guide to teach them their chosen gameplay/mechanics in game. Just select a guide and wait for them to respond!

They’ve updated some bits with this so that the guidee automatically send friends requests and doesn’t have to work out how to do that!

Guides who are in a current session won’t show up in the pool of available guides anymore.

You can search by language.

They have also added some rewards for being a guide

Everyone who acts as a guide this month will automatically receive exclusive rewards by the time Alpha 3.11 hits the live servers:

  • 1 Successful Guide Session: Yellow Flame Guide Insignia Spectrum Badge
  • 3: Orange Flame Guide Insignia Spectrum Badge
  • 6: Brand-New Foundation Festival Anvil Arrow Skin & Red Flame Guide Insignia Spectrum Badge

The month’s ten most prolific guides with the ship that best represents their teaching expertise when the month comes to a close!

Guide sessions may be monitored tho… so don’t try to game the system!

July 2950 Subscriber Promotions

This month’s Sub Flair is the new Electron Weapons coming in 3.10 with an exclusive deadeye skin.

Centurions get the Yubarev “Deadeye” Pistol 

Imperators will get the pistol and the Atzkav “Deadeye” Sniper Rifle

July’s Ship of the Month for RSI Subs is the Mantis.

There are promotions available for the Carrack and CCUs for it.

Subscribers get 10-15% off Merch.

And all previous flair is also available in the Sub Store.

Dev Responses – All from Chad McKinney

All 3.10 cards are Polishing, except bartender

There were questions asking has the devs attitudes to PTU changed to “Everything has to be be finished as in LIVE”? Chad McKinney: 

“No we are not trying to treat PTU the same as in live, if we did then it would have no utility. It’s more about achieving a level of stability and polish where the wider testing becomes useful and also so we don’t burn out players testing things we know about already. PTU is great for going wide and tracking down problems we haven’t found, problems that are rare or only surface at scale, and getting initial feedback, as well as generally validating the testing and fixes we’ve done to date for the release internally. Every release we have a target for when we’d like to hit that point, but every release is different. Making a game isn’t like making a car in a factory, sometimes things go longer than you expect, sometimes they go shorter, but it’s always different and we’re doing our best job to hit our targets. Inevitably though there will be releases where we miss the mark, and hopefully you all are understanding along the way, though I can understand when a date slips or a window narrows that it might seem reflect some change in our goals or perspective, but usually it’s just normal dev churn.”

Why is it called Ask the Devs, and all we get is speculation from non-devs?

Chad Responded again:

“Not all devs are comfortable or have the inclination to make public posts. And even when they do no one person knows everything or is confident to speak to it even if they know something on the subject. We are generally encouraged to engage but the company is respectful of our time. For myself, I’ll go a while heads down on work, but check in every now and then to see if there’s a few things I can speak to. I do like interacting with y’all,, but it’s good to take a break every now and then. It can sometimes get a bit overwhelming the amount of questions there are, which is good it means people are excited!”

There was a question asking can we have ground vehicles being able to set waypoints like ships can.

“To lock targets for routes currently requires a quantum drive, though mainly for historic reasons, and since ground vehicles don’t have quantum drives, this can’t work currently. I haven’t seen this request before but we could support generating routes via the navigation component without needing a quantum drive if the work was requested and prioritized accordingly, but so far that hasn’t been the case.”

There was a question about Rucksacks and when we can stow more items.

“The current backpack is essentially the same thing as the ship’s commodity container. This is a container optimized to storing extremely high numbers of items, which means they cannot have unique properties. For full inventory we are wanting proper entity storage (recursively, so boxes in bags in lockers etc..) while maintaining all the persistent properties of them, including the ability for game/service code to query or modify them even when they are not spawned/are stowed away. Something I have mentioned a couple times before is that (not surprisingly for anyone paying close attention) the new global persistence work we’re doing for icache is also built with this new inventory infrasture in mind from the start. So yes, socs/icache/global persistence is a hard dependency for physicalized inventory, and we’ve already set out plans to work on that as soon as we’ve gotten the global persistence work done for tier 1. So you’ll get your rucksack, and be able to steal someone else’s rucksack off their dead body, or stow away that giant pile of turtles I know you’ve been hoarding.”