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Star Citizen TLDR No 3.10.0 Wave 1 Yet…

Star Citizen News taking a brief look what happened this week in a bit of a Roundup for the weekending the 12th of July.

Roadmap Update – We are still waiting on Alpha 3.10.0 to go to Wave 1 PTU.

There still appears to be blockers that CI are trying to solve before pushing it out. They had said that they were expecting it by the end of the week… so it’s possible it’s going to turn up on the weekend, more likely now tho early next week… It sure has been a delayed evo to 1st wave phase tho. There were rumors of them dropping a feature from the Patch BUT that as of yet remains to be seen. Everything on the Roadmap for 3.10 appears to be in polishing according to the site at least. Also you may have heard rumors of a wipe… but we literally don’t know if 3.10 will have one yet or not.

This Week’s Newsletter Sneak Peek was of the new Cargo Decks and facilities for Space Stations.

We Know that CI have been building out these and refinery decks for 3.11 and this will add a lot more functionality to various stations in the game and a lot of gameplay for players that want to deal with cargo, mining or associated missions.

The Foundation Festival is currently on… which is a little mini-event.

There is a Screenshot competition for Crews doing something together.

There is Imperator Day on Sunday the 12th July… maybe something special will happen then but I wouldn’t expect anything more than a lore post if they do.

It also signposts the star citizen guides system that pairs players up guide and learnie to do play in game together. Something very very useful for new players.

They are giving prizes to the 10 most prolific guiders this month and anyone can earn skins and badges as rewards for successful guide sessions.

Star Citizen LIVE was a look at some of the concept ships that Gavin Rothery previously worked on from the Gladius to the Kraken to the Ares… he has actually worked on more concepts than anyone else!

They did say that he was working on 2 more ships currently that they are not yet ready to reveal. Also he just released a film in the US Archive.

There was a post – [Live Feedback Special Request] Overbearing Crime and Punishment with CI asking for feedback:

“We have made numerous changes to what causes lower levels of crimestat, but we want to dig in and see what more work we need to do. Specifically any crimestat that is:

  • Crimestats given in situations where you feel you did not commit a crime
  • Crimestats given when you did something unintentional and seemed too harsh
  • Crimestats that were unfairly harsh for the crime committed

We hope we can get this experience better dialed in, so thanks so much for your input!”

They are asking for feedback on that, in the thread linked below.

There was a Clothing & Armor Choice Infographic showing data from May to Mid June 2020.

The Invictus Flight Jacket was the most purchased clothing item with over 45k bought in game during the FW event.

There are 1.8 billion possible clothing combinations and 170 billion armor combos with the MacFlex suit with integrated backpack being the most popular armor item with around 46k bought.

There was a post that appears to have since been deleted asking when will the Carrack be fixed. With a dev response saying a little while ago BUT 3.10 isn’t out yet.

I personally would expect a lot of bugs and issues to have been addressed in 3.10 however we all know new ones can & do crop up!