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Alpha 3.10 Finishing Touches – This Week in Star Citizen

This Week in Star Citizen looking at what’s coming up for the week ending the 19th of July AS WELL AS a few dev responses, scoring rebalancing for AC/SM, Crime & Punishment Updates as well as problems with missing items & ships.

Let’s Start by looking at the This Week in Star Citizen Post from CI:

We’re currently putting the finishing touches to Alpha 3.10 and working out the final kinks keeping us from opening it up to a wider audience with PTU Wave 1. We appreciate everyone’s patience while our teams work towards making the Alpha 3.10 experience the best it can be.

The Foundation Festival is in full effect throughout the ‘verse and we’re encouraging citizens everywhere to help each other up their games. Whether you’re looking to finesse your flying, need help taking your first steps, or want to share your mining expertise, our updated Guide System offers something for everyone. And while you make the ‘verse a more welcoming place, we’ll make it worthwhile and reward you with exclusive Spectrum badges and a shiny new Anvil Arrow skin.

Furthermore, we’re looking for the coolest crews in the ‘verse in our Foundation Festival screenshot contest. We’ve already seen some incredible images and will be accepting submissions until August 2nd!

Now, let’s see what’s going on this week:

On Tuesday, the Narrative Team will treat us to a former Subscriber-exclusive Portfolio piece on Greycat Industrial.

Inside Star Citizen returns next week on Thursday the 23rd of July.

SCLIVE this Friday is a thing tho and that will be at 7pm UTC on the SC Twitch and has one of my favorite people Jeremiah Lee Lead Concept Artist and he is going a Gamedev Showcase.

There was a post Star Marine is NOT balanced… please FIX CIG with Duncan CIG responding:

Scoring recently went through a rework, now instead of a flat 100 for getting the last hit you’ll get score for damage, up to 100 – this has been upped to 200 in 3.10. So you and a partner can do 50% damage each and get 100 score each. Sometimes someone can die before 100% damage is dealt so the remaining score pool is split amongst everyone who assisted; that score bonus is also based on your damage contribution. ie do 70% damage (gaining 140 score), the person bleeds out you should be awarded the remaining 60 score on death of the target, if you were the only attacker; since you did 100% of that 70%. This was mainly a solution for AC scoring which was very easy to abuse, but to simplify things we merged SM and AC to use the same score system – where previously they were separate and both over-complicated.

Occasionally a new gun/combat type will come along that’ll break this (melee combat being one) but we try our best to fix those as soon as theyre spotted but if you do spot anything giving more/less score than you’d expect do please report to the Issue Council.

A big problem with the old scoring system was you got awarded for how much damage you outputted, no matter if resists negated it (ie high rate of fire, low damage could farm points in AC) or if the player dies for a fraction of that damage (ie the railgun would award thousands for a single kill). New system gives us more control over how much youre actually being awarded.

The scoring rework is not done. We still have to refactor & rebalance Awards (headshots, bleed out kills, killing spree etc) and do a balance pass to make SM and AC games award similar scores so we dont end up with the situation we’ve had for years where people farm REC in AC to use in SM cause SM never gave enough score. That balance pass should happen soon™ but in the mean time since 3.9 I’ve added a 50% bonus to SM REC as well as the Score to REC conversion being upped to 50% (from 10%) for all modes. ToW is my highest priority right now but im excited about getting Awards refactored, balanced & adding more.

I cant really comment on anything leaderboard related. That’s not my team but im sure we’ll review it once scoring is in a good place.

They have been taking feedback on the Crime and Punishment System.

They just fixed an issue that had infractions spammed on a players screen which will be in fixed 3.10.

In regard to getting a crime stat – Currently it is a necessity that the player receives a crime stat when attacking law enforcement no matter whether the zone is monitored or not. This is due to an AI issue which means they do not respond to aggression as a group without the player having a crime stat. Tho this may change in the future as they do want areas of space that are unmonitored to not immediately give you criminal ratings.

THAT SAID, I think that if Security Forces see you do something and scan you… then you should probably get one anyway xD imo.

They talked about some potential additions to forgiving crimes that may be coming in 3.11.

If a Party member commits a crime against you, it will say their name and the crime and you can press Accept to Override AND FILE CHARGES… so it forgives them by default it looks like.

If they are not a party member it will say their name and crime and the charges will be AUTOMATICALLY filed unless you Press Decline and ignore the crime.

There was an updated support post for a common issues – MISSING SHIPs AND PERSONAL EQUIPMENT:

There have been many reports of players finding that after switching out either their ship or personal equipment, the swapped out components and items vanish from their inventory and cannot be used again.  This includes paints vanishing from player inventories.  Should you experience this issue, please add your accounting and experience to the appropriate Issue Council report to help us track down and correct the root cause. 

There are a few prevalent instances of missing equipment that we are aware of, which are:

  • Ship loadout resets to default
  • Stock ship components missing after loadout changes
  • Personal weapons/armor missing after switching equipment
  • Loaners for ships that are not flight ready disappear

If you have encountered one of the above listed situations, please head to the Issue Council and add your information to a report.  Search first and if you cannot find a recent report that matches your situation, create a new one.

RSI Support will not be able to assist with recovering individually lost items. 

However you can run a manual character reset now from the RSI Website Account Settings Section.