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Star Citizen TLDR – New Esperia Ship Could This Be A Tevarin Fighter?

Star Citizen TLDR looking at what happened this week with 3.10, 3.11 Roadmap Updates, the GreyCat ROC, The MSR is making big progress and we have something new from Esperia Coming Soon as we see a teaser from the Concierge Newsletter.

Let’s start by taking a look at the Weekly Newsletter – Ride the Wave

Alpha 3.10 is closing in, with the patch now available to Wave One testers in the Persistent Test Universe (PTU). Everyone else can try out the improved flight model, electron weapons, and much more when we hit Wave Two in the next few days.

We did have a 3.10.0m PTU patch which further fixed various elements of the game, expect to see a lot more bugs fixed before 3.10 goes to live probably for the end of this month now.

It’s now confirmed that the GreyCat ROC is in for 3.10… big surprise?? The little mining vehicle focuses on medium gem nodes on planets and moons surfaces. It’s expected to go on sale when 3.10 goes LIVE.

The Roadmap for the PU is now only showing upto the next major update 3.11…

New Space Station Facilities saw work completed with around 20% of tasks completed for refineries. The Mercury StarRunner saw more tasks added but also a large amount of work completed, it looks like the ship is on course at the moment to make that Q3 patch.

ALSO the sneak peek from the newsletter appears to be of the MSR’s Server/Data Room.

There was also some minor task progress on the GP-33 Grenade Launcher, 100 Series of Ships and the Improved Throwing Mechanics.

When will we see the Q4 patch added to the Roadmap… hopefully very soon!

Also where is the Squadron 42 Video & New Roadmap Update… why isn’t anyone asking that? LOL…. More seriously CI are working on that and it will be ready when it’s ready!

Concierge – There was a Concierge Newsletter Wheels turning at Esperia.

Esteemed Chairman’s Club Member, 

Our members within the aerospace industry have been buzzing about recent advancements in ship tech and combat efficiency being implemented by today’s ship manufacturers. 

Of course, Chairman’s Club members are rushing out into the field, enjoying unfettered access to the cutting-edge improvements currently being tested around the ‘verse. This “first wave” of field testing should prove invaluable to the industry at large.

And while you’re out there putting your ships through their paces and putting villains in their place, stay tuned for more ultra-exclusive Chairman’s Club accoutrements coming soon. 

The Chairman’s Club is teaming with Esperia to bring you exciting surprises. Our sources say a momentous happening may be on the horizon.

What is this sneak peek of… well guesses range from a Tevarin Fighter to some form of ground vehicle… that’s because at the top of the newsletter it says “wheels turning” at Esperia. It certainly looks at least a little Tevarin with the shapes here.

More relevant to the Concierge members tho is that it’s likely going to be a skin variant available to them more exclusively.

We know that CI had planned a Mining Vehicle the ROC, as well as a Tevarin Light Fighter, Xi’An Cargo ship and a mobile refinery that they talked about at CitizenCon 2019. So it looks like it might be more than just a rumor… 

Inside Star Citizen starts again this Thursday the 23rd of July. I am very much looking forward to that. We are still hoping for a Pillar Talk on 3.10 as well in the coming week or 2.

And that’s it for this week. I am very much enjoying 3.10 at the moment and I’ll be getting various videos up over the next couple of weeks covering all of it’s features and new gameplay in a bit more detail.