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Star Citizen – What Ships Can You Buy in 3.10 IN GAME?

Welcome to a quick Star Citizen Guide for what ships are available to buy in Game in Star Citizen Alpha 3.10, how much and where.

There are some new ships that have been added to the purchasable ship pool for 3.10:

Cutlass Red
C8 Pisces
Vanguard Sentinel & Harbinger
Banu Defender
890 Jump

You can purchase ships from one of 3 places in game:

Teaches – Levski on Delamar
Astro Armada – Area 18 on ArcCorp
New Deal – Lorville on Hurston
They all have different stock tho so let’s take a look at what the shops have:

Teaches – Levski on Delamar

Buccaneer 1.4m

Cutlass Black – 1.4m

Argo Cargo – 224k

Argo Pass – 233k

Caterpillar 4.7m

Herald 1.2m

Blade 3.4m

Prospector 2m

Hornet 1.5m

Aurora LN 338k

Aurora CL 488k

Cutlass Red: 1.8m

Greycat Buggy 5k

Cyclone 28k

Dragonfly – Black & Yellow 273k

Astro Armada – Area 18 on ArcCorp 

Hawk 1.3m

300i 767k

315p 883k

325a 944k

Arrow 972k

M50 1.2m

Gladiator 2m

Super Hornet 2.1m

Hornet Tracker 1.8m

Hornet Ghost 1.7m

Hurricane 1.2m

Terrapin 2.6m

Valkyrie 4.5m

Mustang Delta 764k

Mustang Gamma 628k

Merlin 136k

350r 1.6m

600i 9.5m

Khartu-al 2.1m

C8 Pisces 406k

Carrack 26.7m

Defender 2.8m

600i 9.9m

Ballista 365k

Nox 350k

Nox Kue 400k

New Deal – Lorville on Hurston

Mustang Alpha 251k

Mustang Beta 404k

Hammerhead 12.5m

Constellation Phoenix 5.7m

Avenger Titan 786k

Avenger Stalker 882k

Avenger Renegade 1m

Avenger Warlock 1.2m

Eclipse – 3.5m

Gladius 1.2m

Reclaimer 15.1m

Retaliator 4m

Sabre 2.2m

Sabre Comet 2.4m

Vanguard Warden 3.4m

Vanguard Hoplite 3.1m

Vanguard Harbinger 2.1m

Vanguard Sentinel 2.0m

Freelancer 1.7m

Freelancer DUR 2m

Freelancer MAX 2.2m

Freelancer MIS 2.5m

Razor 1.76m

Razor EX 1.9m

Razor LX 1.8m

Reliant Kore 745k

Starfarer 6.7m

Starfarer Gemini 6.2m

A selection of Auroras from 124k

Constellation Andromeda 3.6m

Constellation Aquila 4.9m

85x 575k

M50 1.2m

Prospector 2.1m

Mantis 1.2m

Mole 5.1m

890 Jump 32.3m

Cyclone & All it’s Variants are 28k each

Ursa Rover 70k

Ballista 365k

So what’s worth buying… well any of them that you want to try… it’s very possible that these assets will carry over to the next major patch or patches, tho there will be resets in the future, anytime CI need to do them, so please bear that in mind before grinding your life away. 

The Money Earners are really:

A Prospector for mining (maybe a mole if you roll in a group)

Caterpillar for mega trade tho there are risks of losing your cargo investments with a disconnect or 

As a step towards that a lot of people might like to get a Cutlass Black or Freelancer for cargo hauling. 

The Cutlass Red is a great ship to have as a mobile respawn point.

If you are after a Dedicated Fighter (sabre, super hornet, banu defender)

Even the Hurricane is amazingly good fun with the Turret improvements in 3.10

A lot of the multi-crew ships are a lot more viable now that turrets are improved and fixed weapon assist is there.

Valkyrie is a fantastic dropship

Any Ground Vehicle you want I recommend buying it in game they are pretty cheap.

The big boys and status symbols in 3.10 that are purchasable are the 890 Jump / Carrack / Reclaimer…. They are big with not a huge amount of the function needed to make them “worth while” yet imo BUT it’s still something to aim for and the 890 and Carrack are great multi-crew fun.

You can also rent a selection of ships for a chosen number of days from each of the Planets SpacePorts… rentals cannot be customized and a more limited amount of the ships are available for rent.