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Major Blockers With Star Citizen Alpha 3.10 | This Week in Star Citizen

This Week in Star Citizen we are looking at what we have to look forward to for the week ending the 26th of July, as well as taking a quick look at the latest 3.10.0n PTU Patch and where we are with Alpha 3.10.

Thanks to Hasgha for the Screenshot –

In the Cloud Imperium Post This Week in Star Citizen post they said: 

Alpha 3.10 is currently open to Wave One testers in the PTU, and we’re grateful for all the helpful feedback we’ve already received.

While the team is adjusting things to make the build ready for a wider audience, we want to encourage you to help your fellow citizens as a Guide to earn some exclusive rewards during the Foundation Festival.

And if you’re looking to get your hands dirty or pull off some tricks with your friends, we got you covered with our Crew Contest which tasks players to take a screenshot of their crew doing a task in game for the potential of winning some ships… that contest ends August 2nd.

On Tuesday, there is a lore post coming on Paul LeSalle one of the Final Imperator candidates as he talks to the Bounty Hunter Guild. 

Inside Star Citizen returns this Thursday exploring brands and their roles in Star Citizen and Squadron 42, from the development of ships and vehicles to the balancing of FPS weapons and more.

On Friday we’’ll see the usual Roadmap Updates, an update to the Subscriber Vault, and the RSI Newsletter. Whether or not this will have any tangible Roadmap updates for 3.11 or beyond feels unlikely… we really, really need the roadmap updated

They are releasing a recipe set from the recent alien week, allowing you to make some potentially tasty and exotic star citizen foods at home.

Star Citizen LIVE this week is at 3pm UTC (on twitch) and they are joined by Game Director Todd Papy answering questions about Alpha 3.10.

They are currently looking for questions for that show in an All About 3.10 thread.

There is still no ETA on the Squadron 42 Update.

Saturday the 25th there is a Daymar Rally GreyCat buggy Social Event that you can participate with… tho you need to be registered by the 24th.

We saw a Star Citizen Alpha 3.10.0n Patch released on the PTU, though still only Wave 1 meaning just Evocati, Concierge and Subscribers at this stage.

  • Updated Wally’s bar in New Babbage with additional bar patrons and new intractable booths and stools.
  • Polish pass on bartender animations and lighting in the PU.
  • Increased the size of the Restricted Area Landing Splines.
  • Enabled look ahead for horizon and look ahead target tracking by default.
  • Polish pass on player animations while carrying drinks and sitting in bars in the PU.
  • Increased thrusters on the 600i to help it lift off of landing pads.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed broken analog control input while in ships.
  • Fixed an issue when attempting to scan mineable rocks/gems causing the UI to activate and deactivate rapidly.
  • Fixed an issue that was causing transition from EVA to gravity causing characters to abruptly stop and fall or sometimes twist or ragdoll in the process.
  • Fixed an issue causing the Aopoa Nox to overheat quickly while flying in space
  • There should no longer be two Ignite II Missiles missing from the Pirate Gladius Default Loadout.
  • Valkyrie, Terrapin, and Mole should now correctly use the new SDF atmo entry effects instead of the old system.
  • Spawning another ship from ASOP after already having one spawned will no longer give a parking violation and impound the previous ship.
  • Fixed a bug that was causing more asteroids than intended to spawn around Yella.
  • Interacting with the Commodity Kiosk terminal should no longer cause the boxes onboard the ship currently on the pad to disappear preventing the user from performing transactions.
  • Caterpillar atmo entry effects should no longer clip through interior nose of the ship.
  • Remote turrets on the Valkyrie should no longer snap back to the front of the ship if the Player aims either Remote Turret at the Rear of the Ship.
  • Moving while inspecting or customizing on a weapon via Inner Thought will no longer stop the weapon from firing.
  • Fixed 2 Client crashes & 6 Server crashes.

The Major Blockers for this patch appear to be the Landing Corridors and Restricted area rework not working as intended and having lots of issues.

Currently Area 18 is VERY broken and you should avoid the area all together for the current 3.10.0n patch. If you are stuck there then recopy/reset your PTU account is the work around.

Also there is problems with Packet Loss, Desync & General Server Stability which CI are currently tracking down and need to be resolved for a enjoyable 3.10 live build.

They have said they will go Wave 2 OR Wider PTU soon… I suspect as soon as they can get those blockers in a bit of a better state. It’s looking like a Live build should be in our hands within the next 2 weeks.