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Star Citizen 3.12 Roadmap Update

Star Citizen’s had a major roadmap update with the addition of Alpha 3.12 the Q4 2020 patch now at least partially visible, CI have also given some further clarity on the goals and delays in 2020.

Let’s take a look at what’s Planned for 3.12 and talk about what else CI have said and suggested, it’s the first iteration of features on there so expect more features to be added in the coming weeks.

  • Refining Decks & Facilities have been moved to 3.12 but now also comes with Station-based Refining, Kiosks will be placed around the Refining levels that allow players to take their raw mixed mining ore that they mined in their ship and refine it. These kiosks can be used to create multiple refining jobs which are persistent and complete over a period of time, based on quantity and complexity. Once one or multiple jobs are completed, the player can pick up the refined materials which can be sold for a lot more than the unrefined ore. It sounds like you’ll be able to choose from multiple different types of refining even for the same materials for different yields.
  • Weapon Zeroing – T0 | This system provides the player with a way to change the zeroing on their weapon sights. This allows shots at further distances without having to alter aim to account for bullet drop.
  • Multi-tool Tractor Beam – T0 | The Tractor Beam is a device that allows the control (movement) of an object without the need for an actor or other entity to be in physical contact. This will be in the form of a module you can add to multitool that will be purchasable in game.
  • Mystery Armor | An upcoming player armor set that we’re keeping under wraps for the time being. There are 3 possibilities 1 hopeful the other 2 more reasonable…

It could be a mechanic they haven’t said is in 3.12 yet so bounty hunter armors… they were looking at these a little while ago and moved them off the roadmap OR Salvager Armor something like that. The hopeful armor would be titansuits, I have been waiting for ages for those cool little stompers. It’s also possible that it’s something from Pyro or connected to the System and we’ll come more onto that in a bit.

Let’s me Read you CI’s statement on the Crusader & Orison Landing Zone:

Previously, we’ve communicated that our goal was to release Crusader & Orison in the Alpha 3.12 patch, however we’ve made the decision to hold Orison/Crusader for a two-part release for Q1/Q2 of the new year. Since our original goal was set, the team has worked hard to bring existing locations up to standard, and has iterated on both existing locales and our planetary tech. In addition to updating existing locales, we’re also happy to share that the team will be working on developing the art and relevant gameplay for hospitals at major landing zones, which will introduce additional depth that we’re looking forward to you experiencing.

We’re aware that many of you are eager to visit Orison, and we’re equally eager to welcome you. If you have followed along as the Stanton system has progressed, you’ve likely noticed how the quality bar has been raised each time we release a new location. From Lorville, to Area18, to New Babbage, and now Orison. The team plans on creating an unforgettable landing zone that continues to raise the bar; the swan song of the Stanton system!

We know you likely have more questions, and we’d like to go straight to the source to provide you more information! Next week (July 31), we’ll welcome SC Art Director Ian Leyland and SC Live Director Todd Papy on a special episode of Calling All Devs where we’ll discuss Orison/Crusader and the road to wrapping up the Stanton system.

You’ll notice something else missing from the conversation & features here and that’s Pyro.

CI have been hard at work on the new Star System & it’s addition to the game is not dependent on Server Meshing tho I suppose it would be desirable.

SC Leaks have suggested that they plan to have a 2 staged release for Pyro with 3.12 potentially having 3 to 4 Planets ready. I think that sounds quite plausible as well does that mean the patch will turn out to be 4.0? Maybe.

There are a few other things that I think are extremely likely for the 3.12 Patch:

Physical Inventory was mentioned for coming in by the end of the year.

The iCache & Full Persistence has been worked on for some form of integration planned for 2020.

Vulkan & the Gen12 Renderer initial updates were as well.

New Backend Services are also a plan for this year.

Docking was moved off the roadmap after receiving some work, I would expect it to return here. We did see on Inside Star Citizen the Constellation Taurus being fleshed out now and the parasite docking with the P52/72 is getting work too… that looks like it’s planned for 3.12 to me.

I do think it’s highly likely we will see some other Vehicles/Ships ready for this patch as well as maybe something new and straight to flyable too.

I am hoping to see Physicalized Components, I think this will be the biggest change to the game since 3.0 when they add it.

Salvage T0 being able to remove components by hand or with the cutting tool on the mutli-tool then bring them back to your ship for sale. Physicalized components and Tractor Beams being incredibly important to this mechanic.

Expect to see more features added in the coming days, I am hoping we will see an update to the Roadmap for Q1 2021 as well in the not too distant future.