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The Esperia Talon is Coming?

Welcome to some more Star Citizen. There appears to have been a little bit of a leak on the RSI website with a page title being visible:

Esperia Talon – Strike Hard & Fade Away

It looks like it’s a page they are getting ready for a sale so what is the Esperia Talon? 

We know there was a Tevarin Light Fighter talked about at CitizenCon 2019 that was in early concept.

With it being a solid escort fighter for the prowler being the idea.

They at that time said it might have the same Tevarin Shield tech which is very good against ballistics.

There were 2x S4 Weapon Mounts

And pretty much nothing else, it at that stage was supposed to be a no nonsense 1 seater light escort fighter.

The name & manufacturer Esperia Talon reasonably well with this BUT it’s likely to have had some changes during it’s concept phase to date.

The recent Concierge Newsletter had a little teaser

The Chairman’s Club is teaming with Esperia to bring you exciting surprises. Our sources say a momentous happening may be on the horizon. That looks like a exclusive skin variant for Concierge for that Talon to me.

The tag line of the ship suggests it might have another string to it’s bow, that being stealth… Strike Hard & Fade Away… We know that the Prowler is supposed to be pretty stealthy, it’s supposed to have gravity emitters on it’s underside to be easily navigate close to the ground and obstacles as well as being more able to avoid scans with low emission systems & thrusters.

It’s quite possible it will have a similar cockpit to that of the prowler, with it being armored and enemies not being able to see in but the operator to see out.

Tevarin Ships make use of air shields… this can have areas open without venting atmosphere… it’s possible the cockpit might be able to be opened without venting?

At time of recording we don’t have a price on how much the ship will be.

When it’s going on sale.

Or whether it’s a straight to flyable OR concept ship.

You can expect alien ships to be a little more expensive than a fighter of comparable stats… because of “alien tax” kind of because they are niche & “rarer”.

It should be available as a warbond with real money with LTI and a little discount BUT also available using store credit without.

I do think the ship will look awesome BUT I also suspect it to be more like a Sabre Raven without the EMPs with a couple of those more Tevarin Features… maybe competing with the Arrow, Gladius & Khartu-al which makes sense as they are light fighters too BUT expect it to be a no nonsense Light Fighter with low emission systems, tho it could very well fit the interception role too.

I am interested to know what you think, cloud imperium haven’t had much in the way of concepts or new ships on sale this year AND I do kinda like ship sales… tho I like them more now with them making loads of the ships purchasable in game!! I am glad they are not putting out a new concept every 6 weeks.

Is a Tevarin Fighter something you would be interesting in buying? If so in game or with Real money? How much do you think it’s going to be, If I have to guess I’d say between $90-120.