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Star Citizen 3.10 PTU State Of the Game

Star Citizen looking at the State of the PTU & Patch Notes for the latest 3.10.0p PTU patch. The Patch goes a long way to addressing many issues and has many changes from the previous PTU patches… it’s one of the benefits of being in PTU phase, they can get a lot tweaked.

They Added the Cutlass Blue and Prowler to ship shops in the PU along with the other ships like the 890 and Carrack that they had previously this means that 3.10 has all of the flyable ships purchasable in game…  other than a couple of the more exclusive ones being the Sabre Raven, Mustang Omega, Scythe & Glaive.

That coupled with the ability to send aUEC and the potential that assets will persist between patches is very appealing to me to want to start grinding a little more.

With that in mind CI have said a asset wipe is possible for 3.10 Live BUT they don’t know yet.

Targeting has been further updated in an attempt to make it more ergonomic BUT still more hands on.

Improved cycling of Selected & Added Locked targets in the view cone. Targets now iterate in order of angular offset to the look direction (closest to center first). Auto-selection is disabled while cycling, and turns on again once the player is no longer actively cycling.

Added the cycling of all Locked targets in range, including those outside the player view cone. Can cycle hostiles, friendlies, attackers, and all targets. Each list will be sorted by distance (closest first). ‘Lock Nearest Target’ functionality is now implemented as ‘Cycle Lock – Reset to Closest’.

Order of targets to be cycled over will now be cached until the player is no longer actively cycling, or they reset the list. Which target will be cycled to is now more predictable as a result.

Added ability to Lock the target under the reticle. By default, this shares a keybind with cycling Locked targets in view, but acts contextually (if something is under the reticle, lock it, else cycle). 

‘Lock Selected Target’ is now unbound by default.

Pin Index controls no longer require a hold.

Removed first-in-first-out pinning controls and cycling of pins.

Removed unnecessary menu options.

We will take a much deeper look into targeting and how these changes affect the game HOWEVER I do expect a little more tweaking from CI before 3.10 LIVE.

There are some buttons changes too… because CI like just moving hotkeys around the place!

Gimbal mode has moved from R to G

Countermeasures have moved from G and H to H and J

VTOL toggle has moved from J to K

Lights (and FPS torch) have moved from T to L

Toggle all doors and Lock all doors have been unbound (used to be on K and L)

Enable Lookahead has been unbound (used to be on LAlt+R)

There were various fixes to Area 18 and more generally Landing and the Restricted Area Rework.

They Increased the time it takes for hangar doors to close at landing zones.

Player ships should no longer be destroyed when using the landing splines around Area18.

Some of the prison issues are solved Players should no longer appear floating in space. without a body. and unable to move after being released from Klescher Prison.

They also Increased rotational jerk for all ships.

Situational markers should now correctly appear without first having to interact with the target.

Fixed an issue causing the Prowler’s QT effects to show as red in first person.

Sledge 1-3 Series Mass Driver Cannons should now have a correct rental price in Arena Commander.

Targeted vehicle silhouette should no longer display when in 3rd person view.

VOIP audio quality should no longer be low volume and poor quality when close to the player who is talking.

Orbital Sentries from the ‘Remove Claimjumpers’ missions should no longer have a chance of spawning inside asteroids.

Fixed an issue causing players to not be able to drag bodies into many ships.

Running along multiple counters should no longer cause the Bartender to serve you from far away.

Fixed inner thought prompts sometimes not appearing when picking up FPS Mineables/Harvestables in succession.

Fixed planetary fog effects remaining illuminated after turning off vehicle headlights until the vehicle moves a bit.

Fixed a collision issue at the foot of the bed in the 600i master bedroom/captain’s quarters that would clip players through the ship.

Fixed an issue that allowed players to get stuck in the freelancer Bunks by walking into them.

Starfarer top turret should no longer retain the default paint after new paint is applied.

Fixed an issue that was causing NPC patrons to not drink while seated at tables.

Fixed 1 Client crash.

There are still more issues with the Restricted Area Rework, Landing/Takes Corridors, Packetloss, Desync, ship spawning, prison loadouts… as well as a variety of more minor issues too. CI are going to be fixing as many as possible before going to wider PTU and then live… 

It looks like that is going to be pushed if possible next week, tho it will be dependant on blockers. We should see the GreyCat ROC go on sale at the same time along with some of the ships that have received more major QoL and balance changes like the m50 and Karhtu-al.