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Star Citizen TLDR – MOAR SHIPS in Game!

Star Citizen TLDR we have updates to the roadmap showing some more of what’s planned for 2020 adding the Q4 patch to the roadmap, there’s progress with Alpha 3.10 we also have a brief summary of Inside Star Citizen and SCLive bringing you up to speed with the week ending the 26th of July.

Star Citizen Alpha 3.10 is still on Wave 1 of the PTU however there was a SC Alpha 3.10.0p PTU Patch, that added the Cutlass Blue & Prowler to purchaseable ships in game… this is awesome as it’s now almost everything flyable is purchasable in game.

Just the more exclusive ships like the Raven, Mustang Omega, Scythe and Glaive aren’t purchasable in 3.10. GOOD JOB CI!

There were some tweaks to the new targeting making it a little more user friendly and some keybinding changes which I always dislike personally AND some major bug fixes for getting Area 18 & Prison Gameplay Accessible. There are still some blockers to solve before we get out Wider PTU and LIVE builds.

They have not confirmed if there is an asset wipe for 3.10 LIVE or not, they don’t seem to know yet.

We had a Roadmap Update!

Ground Cover Buoyancy was added to 3.11 – this is Seaweeds and other ground cover elements on water that simulate buoyancy, floating and reacting realistically to water waves to further enhance the visuals of water on planets.

Refineries were pushed to Alpha 3.12.

And Alpha 3.12 was added to the roadmap with just a few features currently being shown.

Some Mystery Armor, Refineries & Associated Gameplay, Weapon Zeroing & Multi-Tool Tractor Beams. There will be more features being added to that in the future.

I’ve done an in depth video on those changes and what else might appear, which I’ll link below.

In the Newsletter – Food for Thought this week we had a Sneak Peek is of a Laser Repeater expect to see more and more weapons for ships in the coming weeks.

Inside Star Citizen returned this week, the Constellation Taurus and Connie’s Parasite docking is now being worked on.

There was a Massive Argo Ship that they had roughly concepted that they abandoned.

Gas Cloud Tech is being applied to the PU and POI there.

Cargo Decks are getting a lot of work done for Alpha 3.11.

The Building Blocks UI is being used to create a Physical Inventory.

And CI are working on some new Brands for in game:

Spearfish that make EMP weapons

Rook Heavy Metals who supply those materials to the UEE

Gallivan Publishing a Terran based publishing house

Navy Surplus offering Military Clothing and basic equipment

There was a Star Citizen Live – All About Alpha 3.10 that gave us some useful infos:

The Flight Model will continue to receive tweaks and improvements.

The New Missions are being built modularly and have the ability to much more readily be adapted for variants, difficulty, size of group and rewards.

They’ve tweaked some of the landing bits and pieces to make it more visually understandable when you request landing and where to go.

They are also looking at different options instead of landing corridors and landing areas/hangars.

Hangar doors are going to be open a bit longer in 3.10 as well.

The Carrack will only just fit in some hangars… be careful.

They are reworking the Starmap which is welcome news and in the future we will be able to change various parts of the mobiGlas Graphical Interface too.

HUDs may get Dropshadows and dynamic brightness tweaks in the future.

When we have the Pyro System Prisons will be a lot more important.

They mention that there was a mixed response to targeting changes and as mentioned above they have made some further tweaks to targeting.

Delays to the 3.10 LIVE build were apparently more to do with bugs and feature complexity rather than the lockdown and working from home causing them.

There are issues with the Bartenders that they are trying to fix in the PTU.

Various status effects will be added to the Player Status Systems like being poisoned or irradiated as well as being drunk.