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Star Citizen Alpha 3.10 Wave 2

Star Citizen Alpha 3.10 is now out to wave 2 on the ptu, this has many more people being invited to play the patch in testing beyond just evocati, subs and concierge.

To see if you have access go to the Account – Settings Page on the RSI Website.

If you can click on PUBLIC TEST UNIVERSE and copy your account then you have access.

This new wave came with an updated Star Citizen Patch 3.10.0q on the PTU as well.

Updated the Targeting UI functionality
Added selected state on passive markers. Consolidated pinned marker onto passive marker. Add name and range information when pinned. Removed fading logic on label if target is pinned.

  • Added back First-in-first-out pinning and cycling of targets.
  • Add extra hold actions for pinning (unbound by default)
  • Pressing the Cycle in view button “T” should Lock the Selected target if the player does not have a currently locked target.
  • Split controls into two groupings in the options menu for readability. ‘Flight – Targeting’ and ‘Flight – Target Cycling’
  • Enable / Disable Look Ahead is now bound to LAlt+L by default
  • Moved light toggle while on foot back to T (From L) for faster access.
  • Restricted area proximity warnings will now take direction of travel into account.
  • Added a respawn timer on delivery missions so they do not instantly respawn new ones after abandoning other accepted missions.
  • Put in mechanics to clean up Pico the Penguin when placed to reduce performance cost.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed extreme ambience audio volumes in the Carrack.
  • The map globe on the Carrack’s upper bridge should no longer be a Replace Me Ball.
  • Fixed a bug that was causing all surrounding mineables to display on the Multi-Tools UI When the user is aiming down sights.
  • There should no longer be duplicate VJoy – Mouse Deadzone settings in the options menu.
  • Players should no longer clip through the external airlock doors of outposts.
  • Fixed missing QT point to Bud’s Growery outpost on Euterpe.
  • The Vanguard Warden should no longer be missing the Munitions Compartment / Weapon Rack.
  • Fixed an issue causing Freelancer and Starfarer turrets to not be properly aimed when the ship is spawned.
  • Fixed Assist from remote turrets should now properly function.
  • Fixed 3 Server crashes.

There are some major Known Issues with 3.10 still.

There are issues with hangars trapping ships, doors closing too fast and not opening at all AND sometimes restricted areas decide to destroy your ship.

Scanning seems to not accurately show the scan blob.

The 890 & 600 elevators can break.

The Bartender can be delayed & unresponsive.

Same pads don’t work with repair, restrock and refuel.

There are still issues with packet loss and desync.

There are spawning issues with ships.

There are issues with loadouts in prison.

Legally landed ships can be impounded.

There are some more minor issues the ROC can’t extract all of the gems left behind and fractured mineables can shake.

Landing Gear can take multiple keypresses to toggle.

There are some minor VFX issues

NPC Security scans don’t detect narcotics properly.

Some scopes don’t work when crouched/prone.

3.10 has been in PTU for a long time but typically once it’s wave 2 it goes to open PTU then LIVE pretty quickly. I think it looks like CI are pushing for LIVE this weekend BUT it’s going to be based on those blockers being solved, at least some of the more major ones.

BUT also they appear to be tweaking targeting further and trying to solve the new landing restricted area issues that they have had.

Alpha 3.10 has had a lot of key bind changes now and I am not sure if CI have settled in with key changes for the PTU yet… we could see some more changes.