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Blowing Ship Up – Inside Star Citizen Summary

Star Citizen with a quick summary of blowing up an idris and the greycat ROC from Inside Star Citizen: ROC and Roll.

The Idris Capital Frigate and blowing it up was a feature of Inside Star Citizen this week.

It’s interesting what they say here as they say they think that blowing stuff up is fun and gives you a sense of accomplishment. There is a core explosion, shockwaves. They want to make good looking effects and explosions BUT they need to balance that with client performance.

However its going to be interesting to see what they want to do when physicalized components are in as I believe they don’t want ships to explode THAT SAID maybe the larger ships systems like Power Plants might go critical when destroyed AND maybe ships will explode sometimes and not others… that makes sense.

GreyCat ROC coming with 3.10 live allows players that want to contribute to the games economy gameplay to have a ground based mining option.

They designed it to fit in as many ships as possible, it’s intended to be move around in the Cutlass Black or other ships to get the best minables.

They built it with an articulated arm for a large range of movement BUT it folds down when not in use.

Originally they had the vehicle just fracturing rocks then a player would have to pickup the gems by hand BUT there were too many gems with the new larger nodes.

They decided to allow the mining vehicle to also extract and store mined materials.

It’s actually more of a tractor beam pulling, gems that are technically pickupable by hand into it and then depositing them in the back… players cannot be tractored by it.

Its not as mobile as a cyclone but it’s got pretty good mobility.

Potentially in the future it will get into caves.