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Star Citizen TLDR Week Ending 2nd August

Star Citizen TLDR going over the weeks star citizen news and happenings and crunching them down into a bite sized chunk.

Star Citizen Alpha 3.10 is in Open PTU but is extremely close to going Live, we should see that next week along with a GreyCat ROC the new mining vehicle and potentially some other ships returning to sale. 

The latest 3.10.0t Patch fixed various bugs with scanning & mineables and further reduced the Singe weapon damage… they are pushing that and the Mass Drivers out of the meta. 

Beyond 3.10 with the Roadmap

The Greycat FPS Multi-Tool Cutting Attachment has been removed temporarily from the roadmap as they focus on the Tractor Beam tool instead… that’s a little annoying as it looks less likely we will have salvaging v0 without that cutting tool imo.

The Behring BR2 Ballistic Shotgun has been added to Alpha 3.11.

It looks like RSI subscribers will be getting Paladin Armor Helmets next month as part of their flair items. They look VERY Cyclone crossed with Destiny 2.

Inside Star Citizen looked at blowing up the Idris… which is pretty and big and BOOM.

As well as the GreyCat Roc Mining Vehicle that is coming with 3.10 which allows you to mine new larger gem nodes and suck the gems up with it’s tractor beam hoover.

We had a Calling All Devs on the Stanton System as well which I’ll give a slightly more in depth summary of here:

Finalizing the Stanton System – They are finishing off is Crusader & Orison.

They are prototyping various bits for the Gas Giant… they don’t have all the volumetric clouds that they want yet BUT they will add that later down the line, it’s their first gas giant in game and as such expect some iterations. Expect it to be very Jupiter like.

Orison is a floating cloud city and it has it’s own unique challenges. It’s very open and the views and vistas are incredibly important. They want the player to have very few restrictions in exploring it as well… there are various leveled platforms and balconies. Shipyards are a big new thing here too.

Then with each major gameplay loop that comes online Medical/Hospitals, Salvage etc… they will be adding to the Landing Zones and POIs making them functional with those new features.

The Stanton System will continue to get updates and improvements well beyond its “completion” of it’s celestial bodies and gameplay area as they add more encounters, gameplay loops, assets, POI, missions etc… into the pool.

They want any new tech or systems to be showcased and integrated into the Stanton System where sensible.

There is a lot they are working on currently for Stanton.

GrimHex will be getting race gameplay, a new mission giver and various missions.

They are working on expanding stations out with cargo and refinery decks and facilities.

Cloud Tech that’s going to be used for spacescaping and POI is also being added.

Monster Closets – NPC schedulers / Spawn Lockers are being worked on to allow the spawning/despawning of NPCs in a realistic manner.

They are prepping for deeper hospital gameplay and opening them up on LZs.

You’ll spawn at these but also there be medical gear and services at them too.

Stations may have clinics.

They are also looking at making space stations have more gameplay in general opening up more areas so you can do repair or infiltration style missions where all the internal servers, systems and components are housed OR where the NPCs have habs. This could also have you access stations from vents or access points from EVA.

They are hard at work on the Pyro System as well and planetary tech is continuing to receive prettiness updates. They are able to add displacement on a per asset basis

They have updated painting tools which give them a huge amount more flexibility and speed of building out planets.

Every month we have a giveaway, for August it’s for a Mercury Star Runner the mutli-role cargo/data-runner which planned to be flyable in Star Citizen Alpha 3.11 and it’s one of my favorite ships!

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