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Star Citizen 3.10 Live When?

When are we getting Star Citizen 3.10 Live? It appears to be planned for this week so let’s see what CI have said what’s been holding them back and what’s new with the 3.10 PTU patches.

We’re currently very close to Releasing Alpha 3.10 to the live servers, with our current target being this week. More specifically, we’ve been battling two blockers that are being squashed right now. Players have been reporting various gameplay delays, such as missions updating and rocks fracturing. We have been digging in and investigating, with a possible fix already incoming in the next build thanks to data provided by all of you. We have also been experiencing some frustrating issues related to impounding, but a quick fix has already been delivered.

With these potential fixes either checked in, or about to be checked in, we’ll look to confirm the fixes were successful and then publish to the live servers! Thanks so much to everyone who participated in early testing!

Star Citizen Alpha 3.10.0u PTU.5779622 Patch Notes

  • Prison oxygen kiosk repair missions should now trigger properly for players and show in the mobiGlas.
  • Planetary ambiances should no longer be heard at various locations inside the interior of New Babbage.
  • Fixed an impounding delay that was causing ships to be impounded when not obstructing a landing pad.
  • Fixed 2 Client crashes & 2 Server crashes

There is still a variety of bugs and known issues CI are trying to squish as mentioned earlier one of the major ones they are looking for feedback on is in game delays/pauses for

  • Accepted missions appearing in mobiGlas
  • Mission objectives appearing on UI
  • Missions spawning ships after arriving at objectives
  • Rocks actually fracturing after completely a successful fracture
  • Scanning completing when scanning a resource or rock

I’ll link the thread down below if you are interested in helping track down that bug and others.

Cloud Imperium also made a bit of a statement about the 3.10 PTU cycle that I thought was interesting too:

Albeit long, we had an incredibly successful PTU cycle that allowed us to fix a myriad of issues, thanks to all of our testers’ help.

We’d like to share some more of the specific bugs that have been fixed below. Please note that neither of the following lists are exhaustive. At the time of writing this, we’ve fixed 282 individual issues and 142 instances that caused crashes during this PTU cycle.

Bugs from Alpha 3.9 that have been fixed as of the latest PTU build:

  • Authorized Execution Warrant missions from Hurston should no longer award the player with a crimestat
  • Fixed ADS positions on FPS weapons to be centered so that crosshairs line up to the bullets firing
  • Weapon lockers on the 890 Jump, Constellations, Vanguard Sentinel, and Carrack should now persist weapons when the ship is stored and retrieved
  • Hangar 02 in CRU-L4 rest stop should now be accessible via elevator
  • Planetary weather effects should no longer clip through MFD’s in ship / vehicle cockpits
  • Fixed missing areas of gravity on the surface of Delamar

Notable issues fixed since initial PTU build:

  • Analog throttle stopped working
  • Exploit allowing players to send masses of aUEC via the mo.Trader app
  • Vanguard poor flight feeling
  • 600i atmospheric flight difficulties
  • Landing splines being missing in certain circumstances
  • All ships exploding arriving or leaving out of Area18
  • Lack of available resources for Greycat ROC
  • Pitch ladder did not conform to the horizon
  • Flares did not work as a countermeasure
  • New Babbage elevators not functional
  • Dot in the middle of the players screen in first person

Later this week we will have a Monthly Report for Squadron 42 and Star Citizen’s PU which I am very much looking forward to.

Expect the GreyCat ROC along with some ships to be on sale again when 3.10 goes Live.

We’ll have a sprint report from Inside Star Citizen on Thursday.

There is a Star Citizen Live on Friday BUT I am unsure on the topic at this time, could be greycat Roc and 3.10 related tho.