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Star Citizen Alpha 3.10 is Now Live

Star Citizen Alpha 3.10 is Now Live but What Important changes are there for Alpha 3.10?

There has been a partial wipe it seems with some people having some of their items, aUEC and/or ships carried over.

For new and wiped accounts the Starting amount of aUEC is 20,000 plus any bonuses you have.

The player trading app is accessible in the mobiGlas and can be used to send currency to any other player.

You can interact with bodies and drag them.

The Flight model has been drastically updated with a big focus on Atmospheric Flight.

Ships now will feel heavier both in space and in atmosphere as thrusters take time to come up to speed.

Ships have aerodynamics and thrusters are weaker in atmosphere. Wind will blow your ship around too.

Targeting and the UI has received updates.

Turrets are significantly improved and are much more deadly being able to hit their targets more easily with better controls and something that also effects FIXED weapons on ships as well an aim assist that nudges the projectiles slightly towards the target meaning it balances a lot better against auto-gimbals.

The Xi’An Scout, Caterpillar, Buccaneer, Gladiator & M50 have all seen QoL improvements.

Mass Drivers and Tachyon Cannons do less damage.

At landing zones Lorville and Area 18 when you request a landing or take off a flight corridor will appear, you will need to follow this in or out of the landing zone.

Almost all of the ships that are flyable in game and now available to buy from the ship shops

Teaches at Levski, New Deal at Lorville & AstroArmada at Area 18.

There are a couple of new Electron Weapons that can be purchased at Skutters in Grim HEX.

Temperatures on planets and moons change with the day night cycle.

There are new Delivery Missions too.

Important Key Changes

Although there are a lot more targeting controls and changes you can get away with using [T] to target ships under your reticle or within your view.

You may need to wipe your visor with [ALT+X]

Changing the Orientation of your VTOL engine with [K]

You cycle gimbal mode with [G]

Jettison Mineable Cargo is now [LAlt+J]

Countermeasures have moved to [H] & [J]

Headlights on Ships is now [L]

If you are manning a turret.

Toggle VJoy-Relative Movement with [Q]

ESP toggle [E]

Gyro-mode toggle [G]

Holding [C] will recentre your turret

The GreyCat ROC is new to Alpha 3.10 and one sale from $50 it also has LTI if you buy the warbond version (warbond being purchasing without using any store credit).

It’s available with a Cutlass Black from $140.

Also on sale are the M50 and Khartu-al they’ve both had some more major changes in 3.10.

And until the 11th of August they are available as upgrades with a bit of a discount for warbond.

There is also a Pico Real Plushie available for $30.

There can be desync with AI ships as well as from turret fire.

Ships sometimes need to spawned again on the ASOP terminal.

There are issues with mining UIs and lags.

The new Multi Part Delivery Missions with Aids Shelters as their 3rd drop off DONT WORK.

Global chat isn’t working in the Visor HUD currently, but you can still see in in the mobiGlass.

There are sometimes issues with hangar doors opening.

There are various other issues too but that was the major ones you might encounter.

Don’t forget to get involved with helping bug report also they are looking for feedback on a huge number of areas.