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Star Citizen 3.10.0 Live Patch Notes

Welcome to a summary of the Star Citizen Alpha 3.10.0 LIVE Patch Notes.

Firstly there seems to have been what I would deem a Partial Wipe with 3.10 Live.

Many people had their assets from 3.9 move across and some have had partial success with their ships OR their money transfer across. As expected some players have had account wipes but it appears to be the minority.

Flight Model Update – Thruster Efficiency Curves, Jerk, and Aerodynamics

Atmospheric Flight is drastically different.

Thrusters in atmosphere are much weaker, ships are less maneuverable.

Ships now have individually simulated aerodynamics surfaces that contribute various little forces to the motion of the ship. You can stall do level turns, lose speed in tight turns etc… This is different for every ship hull and will change as your ship loses parts. Wind will push ships around also.

Jerk also has thrusters taking time to react to acceleration changes. So ships will feel more heavy both in space and in atmosphere.

Atmospheric Entry Effects have been updated with SDF (Signed Distance Field) Tech so that the fireball conforms to the hull and entry direction of the ship. Very Pretty.

The Restricted Areas V2 Update now have flight corridors that you must follow when you land or take off at Lorville OR Area 18. You will receive warnings and a forced auto-pilot if you vir off course too much.

High Speed Combat has added few changes, when over SCM speeds weapon accuracy, gimbal assist speed, and missile lock speed will be negatively affected.

New Targeting & Combat Update – There is an updated UI for ships and targeting with PIP, indicator, range indication, firing indication, assisted gimbals, and fixed gunsight improvements.The return of orientation style brackets, orientation arrows, and motion ribbons, many of which are able to be turned on or off in the game options.

Targets are shared between other gunners on your ship for coordinating targets.

Targeting keybinds have been completely reworked:

[T] will lock a target under your reticle OR a target that’s within your view.

You can pin upto 3 targets with (LAlt+1-3) and then recall those targets by tapping 1-3.

You can cycle Attackers, Hostiles, Friendlies OR ALL Targets with [5-7] respectively.

PiPs & ESP is now much more reliable.

CounterMeasure Keys have been changed to [H] and [J]

Fixed Weapon assist has fixed weapons and turrets hitting significantly more shots as is more than competitive with Auto-Gimbals.

You can toggle V-Joy to Relative Movement with Manned Turrets with [Q]

Gyro-Stabilization is toggle with [G]

Key changes can be seen here.

Ships & Items

The Greycat ROC (Remote Ore Collector) is the new solo operated Mining Vehicle specializing in larger Gem nodes on the surface of planets and moons. It acts very similar to a prospector but on the ground. IT WILL fit in the Cutlass Black, Freelancer & Valk. It is not purchasable in game yet, currently only on sale on the RSI website from $50.

However in 3.10 almost every ship is now purchasable in game with aUEC from Teaches Ship Shop at Levski, AstroArmada at Area 18 & New Deal at Lorville.

They Added ship paints to in-game shops purchaseable with in-game aUEC from Dumper’s Depot and Omega Pro shops and can be applied using the ship loadout manager in your mobiGlas.

Variable armor values have returned to ships – Ships designed to take punishment will now have slightly higher damage resistance (ex. Cutlass Blue). Stealthier ships will have signature reduction in armor, at the cost of some damage resistances.

  • Origin Jumpworks M50 Improvements with landing gear and Cockpit art as well as updating to the new damage system & UI metrics.
  • Drake Buccaneer QoL Update it’s no longer falls apart and has a new mix of missiles.
  • Drake Caterpillar Weapons have been changed having 2x size 3 hardpoints (with size 2 installed) AND 2x size 4 with its manned Turret and 1x size 3 (remote).
  • Anvil Gladiator Increased turret & Weapons from size 2 to 3.
  • The Xian Scout  has Updated flight performance also it’s Weapon hardpoints increased in size from size 3 to size 4 with S3 gimballed weapons as default.
  • Polish pass on Dragonfly and Nox handling and increased speed
  • Added rear side thrusters onto the Sabre Raven
  • Repositioned and Increased the amount of retro thrusters to 4 on the MISC Freelancer Variants
  • Added a weapon rack onto the exterior of the Aegis Gladius
  • Temporarily changed the Banu Defender loadout to use fixed S2 Tachyons to prevent the singes from being swapped to other ships
  • Mass Drivers have been reworked and do less damage
  • Tachyon Cannons do less damage.
  • Increased overheat threshold for Size 5 and larger Behring M7A Laser Cannons

Location & Gameplay

There are Updates made to all the height maps used on planets and moons to fully take advantage of their higher resolution. This will mean more detail can be utilized during the painting process.

Planet locations have been re-drop’d following the Height maps quality update to make sure all landing zones, derelicts, underground facilities, and outposts are set correctly into the updated environments.

Ocean Shader Improvements making waves & water look a lot better and react to wind.

Quantanium mineables now have a unique visual material

Day/Night temperature now changes on planets being warmer during the day, cooler at night.

New Prison mission added into Klescher Rehabilitation Facility for prisoners to earn merits by repairing oxygen dispensers that can randomly malfunction in the mines.

Grim HEX have been updated The main changes include new location-branded utilitarian hangars accessible by the main hub with 2 large and 1 extra-large hangar to allow larger ships to land.

There is a Full replacement of the current New Babbage Hangars to the new High Tech Hangars.

New New Babbage Shops a novelty kiosk at the Space Port with pico the penguin AND the FactoryLine where you can purchase different color mobiGlas’ (it’s just the physical watch on your wrist that changes color not the UI) and a new CryptoKey as well as see other items that will be purchasable in the future.

Delivery Missions have been overhauled, including creating new multi-drop off delivery missions and drug running missions.

Law System – Impounding Improvements – When blocking a landing pad on a vehicle without permission, a message will appear on the visor UI of all players aboard it which includes a timer that will count down until the vehicle is impounded. Different actions that cause a ship impounding, such as pad obstruction or reckless operation of vehicle, can now have different impounding times and fines.

  • Greatly increased the reward payouts for doing Twitch Pacheco missions
  • ECN, Bounty Hunter, and Escort mission rewards should now scale better based on difficulty
  • Added Underground Facilities Missions around microTech and its moons
  • Jettison Mineable Cargo keybind moved to LAlt+J 
  • Temporarily updated Pro Trem Missions to not spawn around Delemar to avoid an issue with the target not spawning
  • Increased the signature range for scanned mineables
  • Added additional LODs to Port Olisar landing pads and rings to help with assets popping in and out at a distance
  • Added commodity inventory to outposts around microTech

Character & AI

The Player Trading App has been added it’s accessible from the MobiGlas and can send aUEC or Merits to another player. Transfers will be charged a percentage tax to complete the transaction.

Other new things to purchase The Gemini C54 Ballistic SMG has been added to the game… fast firing short range ballistics.

Electron Damage and associated weapons have been added the Lighting Bolt Co Sniper Rifle and Pistol (which are available at Skutters on GrimHex). Electron damage applies a debuff that if the target gets hit again in quick succession there will be a mini detonation and chain to nearby targets too based on the damage dealt on both shots. 

Visor Wiping is a thing you need to if your vision becomes obscured by weather… [ALT+X]

NPC Bartender has been updated to the standard that all future AI vendors will be built from. The job of a Bartender is to serve drinks to the many bar patron’s of the Persistent Universe. They can take orders from players and serve anything from bottled beer from the fridges or draught beer from the tap, to making a hand-crafted whiskey and cola in front of their customer. When not serving drinks, Bartenders will be seen keeping their work environment tidy by wiping down counters, disposing of bottles, and polishing glasses, and chatting with patrons dynamically. This includes an overhaul to bars with more NPCs ordering drinks, using tables, and drinking. These improved bartenders will be serving up drinks in Wally’s bar in New Babbage, G-Loc bar in Area18, Cafe Musain in Levski, Old 38 in Grim HEX, and M&V Bar in Lorville.

FPS AI have been updated for Cover Usage V1 having them more appropriately use and understand cover.

As well as Adding the ability for combat AI to engage the player using a wider variety of weaponry, react dynamically to both player behavior and the environment, and engage strategically and more realistically.

Bodies or stunned characters can be interacted with and dragged. You can use 1 hand for a pistol or knife at the same time.

Some Other Bits

  • Increase ship cull distance to help with ships visually popping in/out
  • Weapon Impact sparks will now be affected by wind
  • Updated the error messaging received upon server disconnect
  • Updated login queue messaging
  • Score for kills in Star Marine has been doubled to 200. Increased score limit for Elimination to 5000 (up from 3000), and adjusted the score to REC conversion due to these changes.
  • Moved the Personal Inner Thought back and page arrows to the middle of the menu and added a dark background behind the wheel

Major Bug Fixes

  • Authorized Execution Warrant missions from Hurston should no longer award the player with a Homicide crimestat.
  • After the first wave of enemies the patrol beacon should now consistently move to the next patrol area during a patrol mission.
  • Fixed an issue that was causing NPCs to stand in place on seats around the PU.
  • Glass in the Aeroview hangar should no longer be heavily obscured by scratches when looking out of the upper room.
  • Fixed Mustangs being able to equip S2 quantum drives.
  • Fixed audio element of Carrack thrusters so it should no longer be excessively loud to players inside the ship.
  • AI should no longer regularly go into a “relaxed” aim stance during combat.
  • Fixed ADS positions on FPS weapons to be centered so that crosshairs line up to bullet firing.
  • Fixed an issue causing some mission descriptions to display locations as “Destination”, “LocationAddress’ or ‘Pickup/DropoffAddrees’ in the description.
  • Ships and Vehicles will no longer hurt themselves when firing their EMP Weapons.
  • Weapon lockers on the 890j, Constellations, Vanguard Sentinel, and Carrack should now persist weapons when the ship is stored and retrieved.
  • Fixed an issue that caused Physicalised bottles to spam audio effects in players habs.
  • Hangar 02 in CRU-L4 rest stop should now be accessible via elevator.
  • Starfarer Gemini should no longer spawn the interior damage state active while the ship is at full health.
  • There should no longer be a 5-7 second delay when firing the torpedoes on the Aegis Eclipse.
  • Players will no longer become trapped in the Origin 600i kitchen table after sitting down and standing up from one of the kitchen chairs.
  • Fixed missing areas of gravity on the surface of Delamar.
  • Planetary effects weather should no longer clip through MFD’s in ship / vehicle cockpits.
  • Captain’s Bed in the Aegis Reclaimer should now have proper interaction.
  • Fixed 5 Client crashes & 2 Server crashes

Known Issues

  • At this time, any pledge creation or alteration performed in the last 48 hours will not be reflected in the Live Service. Any new pledges, CCU Applications, reclaimed pledges, or gifts sent/received will not be up to date.
  • Players appear offline on the Front End instead of ‘In-menus’ until that Player has been in-game
  • Close range FoIP animations are not transmitting to remote clients
  • Comm call screen is extremely translucent while viewing through the HUD
  • Both FPS and Ship Mining methods produce UI stalls resulting in the user overcharging their targeted deposit.
  • Delivery missions with multiple pick-up locations can result in only two drop-off points or a 3rd drop off point that doesn’t work if the delivery location is an Aid Shelter, preventing delivery of the third box. (Workaround: Avoid multiple delivery drop off missions to aid shelters)
  • Using the tractor beam on the Greycat ROC to pick up multiple gems at once will cause a significant portion of the gems to vanish
  • Private Arena Commander matches are temporarily disabled due to an issue with the updated group system
  • The player that made the personal transport / escort beacon will not be able to see marker on player that accepted
  • Global chat is unavailable in the visor HUD
  • Planetary ambiances can be heard at various locations in New Babbage
  • Player character can clip through the external doors of certain outpost buildings and Aid shelter buildings’ airlocks when entering
  • Hangar Doors can remain closed when the Hangar is assigned to a Landing Players Ship.
  • When firing at AI ships they will appear to Desync and have high packet loss
  • Ships can be displayed as ‘unknown’ after destruction and be available to spawn again, but will not appear on their specified landing pad.
  • Landing gear will take multiple presses of the keybind to activate.
  • Crystals and large surface rock deposits don’t settle properly after fracturing causing them to vibrate and shake
  • The Greycat ROC cannot extract all of the child crystals, some are left behind
  • Hammerhead atmo entry effects clipping through interior of the ship
  • The Ship Hologram / 3D Model will take over 20 seconds to load the first time the Player views one in VMA or the Arena Commander Menus
  • The Area18 nav marker will appear at the central plaza, not the spaceport.
  • Legally landed ships may be impounded
  • If the player exits to menu/disconnects/crashes during the prison load screen transition their load-out will not be changed
  • When going into ADS and crouching / prone you will be unable to see through the optics scope on the Arrowhead or P6-LR
  • Freelook does not always work properly in turrets
  • Shots from remote turrets may appear de-sycned but still connect with the target.

And that’s if for the 3.10 patch at that stage, there is a good many known issues that need to get solved BUT I don’t know if CI are planning a mini-3.10.1 patch OR if they are going to push straight onto 3.11 as it’s only around 7 weeks for the target release of that patch.