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Star Citizen TLDR – Mercury Star Runner & Hercules Star Lifter

Star Citizen TLDR looking at what happened this week in the world of Star Citizen from 3.10 going LIVE to Cargo Gameplay to the MSR & Hercules Starlifer seeing more work, let’s look at a summary of what’s been going on for the week ending the 9th of August 2020.

Star Citizen Alpha 3.10 is now LIVE and the GreyCat ROC is on sale as is the Khartu-al and M50. From the Flight & Fight Newsletter:

“The new update to Star Citizen – Alpha 3.10 – is now LIVE! Fire up the Persistent Universe to experience the upgrades to atmospheric flight and dogfighting, the Greycat ROC mining vehicle, all-new weapons, improved locations, and more! After a quick but sincere “thank you” to everyone who put the patch through its paces in the PTU, there’s only one thing left to say… we’ll see you in the ‘verse!

Also this week: July’s Monthly Report, Otoni Group Portfolio, Pico time, and fly the facelifted M50 and buffed Khartu-al.”

RSI Subscribers have access to the Sabre all month.

The Sneak peek this week is of Orison above Crusader.

You can find links to that newsletter and everything else down below as well.

Roadmap Roundup – August 7th, 2020

They have added an extra task to Weapon Zeroing T0 taking it out of polishing.

Object Push and Pull has been moved to the Alpha 3.12 Patch.

We extended our time on Body Dragging by a few sprints to help close out that feature, which has shifted back work on this card. It’s also important to note that although the card is listed as “Object Push and Pull,” the entire card encompasses object push and pull, mounted gun aiming, and character assisted locomotion, and we decided it was better we deliver all features at once in one release rather than staggering out the feature across multiple releases. 

There was some good info from the weekly shows especially Inside Star Citizen this week:

Cargo Decks & Associated Gameplay are planned for Alpha 3.11. 

They will provide a place for the storing and transfer of goods for both players and NPCs.

You’ll be able to find these types of station facility at major trade routes and the stations above the major planets in Stanton.

There will be trade/cargo missions, trade security and escort missions there as well as opportunities from the Cargo Guild with who you can build reputation with.

Cargo related gear & rentals will be available from here too.

Both in Inside SC and in SC Live we saw some info on FPS Weapons the Gemini  A03 Ballistic Sniper which focuses on Accuracy & Speed more of a marksmens rifle.

The Berhing FS9 Light Machine Gun LOTS OF AMMO

Hard Surface Shader Wear and Tear is being added and looks really pretty cool on FPS Weapons… it’s supposed to help represent how well maintained an item is as well as help show what environment it’s been exposed to.

They showed off one of the SQ42 Vanduul Weapons, it appears to be one of their plasma spear staff things.

The New Run time probe Lighting & Day/Night Cycles is beind added to existing major landing locations.

Fire is looking better. They are blending voxel and entity based propagation. It will ignite nearby appropriate areas and assets. They are working on ways to extinguish fires from extinguishers to opening the airlock.

They are building realistic grass and surface coverage assets for planets. That can be easily painted on. Eventually this will also have touch blending moving when players brush against it OR when the wind blows it.

The 100i has began it’s final art

We saw the external cargo bay of the 135c.

AS well as it’s cockpit, landing gear and some of the 100 series exterior.

We saw some of the C2 StarLifter Graybox interior and wear materials pass.

It’s a very big ship.

We also saw some interior of the Mercury Star Runner.

Rec Room, Scanning Room, Foyer, Cockpit.