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Talon Fighter Incoming!

The Esperia Tevarin Talon is incoming.

The ship will be available for everyone to purchase from tomorrow so Thursday 13th at around 3pm UTC BUT it’s available for concierge to purchase now.

The Ship will be flyable in December 2020 as part of Alpha 3.12 it seems.

There are 2 Versions of the Talon the Standard Light Fighter & the Shriek a Missile Variant both from $90 Warbond and $100 Store Credit.

Warbond Pledges get exclusive Aves armor, Aves helmet, and LTI.

The ship is a single seat stealthy hit and run light fighter.

It’s 20m Long, 18m Wide & 5m High.

It’s max safe speed is 250ms

It has medium armor BUT small systems for all of it’s other components. Tho some redundancy with 2x tevarin shield generators.

These Tevarin Shields are durable and very effective at blocking ballistics.

The ship has the cockpit’s with the ability to launch as an escape pod.

The Standard Talon has 2x S3 Tevarin Ballistic Cannons which are Gimballed. As well as 2x S3 Missile Racks with a combined total of 4x S2 Missiles.

The Shrike just has a different weapon loadout and color scheme with a light magenta on it’s wing tips.

2x S1 Ballistic Gimballed Cannons and a lot of missiles… 2 bespoke internal racks with a combined total of 24x S3 Missiles… thats a lot of boom.

They look amazing… they aren’t going to be for everyone BUT the iridescent colors and feather like wings really speak to me. Greens purples blues teals…

The ship is a bit cheaper than I expected… which is a good thing.

Updated airshield tech, built to the traditional Tevarin implementation, means there’s no need to stress about aging airlocks, while unique countermeasures derived from original specs found on Kabal III create radar decoy.