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Star Citizen – Talon, SQ42 Mocap & 3.10.1 Updates

Star Citizen, we have a selection of news today a quick summary of inside Star Citizen with the Talon and SQ42 bits… a New PTU Patch 3.10.1c and the new Subscriber Helmets for August.

With Inside Star Citizen this week they talked about the New Tevarin Talon Light Fighter and some Mocap for Squadron 42:

Some of the early in game Tevarin/Esperia Reproduction Talon was shown off. Alien ships in general are… very alien compared to human designs.

The Talon is a fighter counterpart to the Prowler.

The ship is well into production and already flyable in engine (in the dev branch of the game)

It went straight from concept to in game in without a major pause.

The Fighter excels are jumping in striking hard and getting away a very agile BUT glass Cannon ship. It’s 2x s4 mounts allow you to have some very high DPS builds.

The Cockpit ejects with you instead of just the jump seat!

The ship has a landed bird that morphs into a hawk in flight silhouette.

They talked a bit about Squadron 42 Mocap. They have a great setup internally for their mocap studio now. And they have shot a range of animations using this. They have around 38k animations in their database… that’s a lot… There is a lot of work that goes into getting that in game and they don’t use all of it. They need to clip and clean what they want to use.

Some of this mocap was captured a long time ago and requires a bit of tweaking and retargeting, some they need to do a pick up shoot with their studio to get what they need.

A lot of the work they want to do is for minor smaller story elements and conversations or scenes that help get you immersed… overhearing conversations, watching a couple argue… they are going on around you whether you get involved with them or not.

We saw the actress Gemma Whelan, from mocap to implementation of a scene for animation review.

August Subscriber Perks are for some new Paladin Armor Helmets they are medium armor and are built to match with the ORC-mkX armor in game.

HOWEVER CI have said they are aware of a display issue with the helmet currently on Alpha 3.10 LIVE BUT the issue has been resolved for the 3.10.1 patch and that should go live soon… when it does they will enable the purchase of those helmets on the RSI Sub store.

For those of you that didn’t know the Sabre is the ship that RSI Subs have access to thru this month.

They are ploughing through the bugs in Alpha 3.10.1  and we saw a new c PTU Patch.

  • Added Reliant variants to New Deal and Arena Commander inventories.
  • Added the Hornet ball turret, flashfire mount, and nose turret to PU shops and Arena Commander REC rentals.
  • Hangar doors should now consistently open when ATC receives a request for landing.
  • Delivery mission boxes should no longer spawn within the ground.
  • The Freelancer series ships should no longer spawn from ASOP with a damaged thruster.
  • Fixed 2 client crashes & 3 server crashes.

A few people confirmed to me that the Reclaimer was re-added to purchasable ships… so that with the Reliants being added means they have pretty much all the ships in game for in game credits again! NOICE!

There are still bugs to solve for the 3.10 branch but the list is shrinking!