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The Most Funded Year For Star Citizen & New RSI Ship Teased

We find ourselves with a load of tidbits of news today from record breaking funding to even more new ships teased to a new PTU patch and a Dev Response on Increasing Player Caps in Servers.

2020 has become the most funded year for Star Citizen… it is record breaking the $48m mark And there are still another 4 months yet that include the 2 most successful months for funding historically… tho that was before the May 2020 mega sale… I think it’s quite possible that they could hit $75m in funding this year.

In the Concierge Newsletter we had a little sneak peek at something I’ll read you what it said:

Our eyes and ears on Earth have been dropping hints that something new is coming from RSI. As usual, the moment we have more details, you will too. The picture was of concept art of New York which is where RSI HQ is located.

So what could this be? Well it’s looking most likely to be the RSI Odin Gunboat that has been rumored for a while. And I very much like the idea of a large pew pew RSI ship.

We will see some of theEsperia Talon flying around & some mocap based Squadron 42 Updates in Inside Star Citizen later today!

The Talon Light Fighter & Shriek Missile Spammer (not it’s official name) will be on sale today for everyone from $90 for the warbond and $100 store credit for the ships… The ship is planned to be flyable by the end of the year. It’s a no-nonsense light fighter with a bit of stealth and tevarin shield tech.

There is a new Star Citizen Alpha 3.10.1b PTU Patch with a few bug fixes.

There were Visual updates to some of the Bartenders & they adjusted the kill mesh around Lorville. Bug Fixes Include:

  • Players should no longer take collision damage when entering a ship.
  • Players should no longer experience 16k7 lockout issues.
  • Players should no longer experience random 0 UEC balanced or have purchases fail.
  • Fixed a server crash & a client crash.

More to that it appears that there is a little bit of economy rebalance in 3.10.1 with the

ROC is now very capable of making money… you can sell the gem at outposts you spawn it at and places like Arial & MicroTech have a good amount of Hadanite for you to mine and plunder.

I am hoping we see a bit of a change to some commodity prices and the way stocks are dealt with.

Any details about the concurrent player number increase hinted in monthly report?

The below is from the July report – do devs have any more details to share about it? Will this happen for the PU before Server Meshing? How much of an increase?

CIGs Clive Johnson Replied:

That paragraph refers to the total number of concurrent players across all server instances not the per server player capacity. In other words, those changes will help backend services scale to handle the load from more 50 player servers running at the same time. This should help reduce how long and how often players need to wait in a login queue before being able to play the game at busy times. Those changes may also help reduce latency on some interactions with backend services such as accepting missions, vehicle spawning and trade. We won’t know for certain how effective those changes will be until rolling them out to our backers and monitoring their performance under heavy load.

Increasing the per server player capacity will require further optimization of the game servers themselves.

He went onto say –  individual game servers are independent of each other and this will be the case until server meshing comes online. However all these game servers make use of a shared set of backend services so being able to scale these services to handle higher player concurrency is an important part of the overall equation.

Server meshing will join game servers together to form instances with more players in. Optimization of the game servers will allow us to raise the player capacity on each one. Scaling the backend services to larger numbers of concurrent players will allow us to have more servers in the same server mesh instance. So these different efforts are all pushing towards the same goal.