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Star Citizen TLDR – Week Ending 16th August 2020

Star Citizen TLDR going over a summary of what happened in the world of Star Citizen for the week ending 16th of August 2020.

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This week saw the Talon Light Fighter and it’s Missile Spam Variant the Shirek go on sale… these are geared towards hit and run tactics and are reproductions of Tevarin craft… they are very avian and both are available from $90.

For a limited time so during this sale, every Warbond Talon pledge comes with the new Aves armor, Aves helmet, and LTI.

The Talon & Shriek were confirmed for being planned for Alpha 3.12 in the Roadmap Roundup but nothing else has really changed there for the Roadmap.

Inside Star Citizen showed off some of the ship in engine.

Also a quick bit talking about mocap that’s being used for Squadron 42 and their in house studio that enables them to quickly get pick and additional capture.

Newsletter – The Sneak Peek this week was of the AIR system on the 100 series of ships… this is their Adaptive Intake Refinery… the 100 series is pegged to be flyable in Alpha 3.11.

Also Ship related… The Concierge Newsletter Teased an RSI Ship that’s being worked on which is loosely rumored to be the Odin Gunship that SCLeaks have talked about.

The new SDF shields are in production.

VFX don’t work directly on clouds for things like weather BUT will be working on raid and lightning effects. There are plans for indepth weather systems.

They are looking at adding more variation to Quantum Travel effects. They mentioned that quantum drive & environment would affect these effects.

They could add meteor showers to the game using the same SDF tech as for atmospheric re-entry.

Force Reactions, getting knocked around while walking in a ship OR from concussive blasts from weapons will be a thing and we will see this demoed in the near future.

Fire Tech and propagation is making good progress. Objects have materials and the fire knows how to react to that, spread to it and materials will all have different burn rates etc..

Fire generates smoke as well as interacting with the room system/environment so it will eat up oxygen. Fires will damage things… and it’s fully simulated.

Space dust is important otherwise you feel like you are not moving, they might change the density tho.

When looking at effects they will prioritize performance and work within budgets to get the best looks they can for that.

There was another small but Important PTU Patch 3.10.1d

  • The buy UI should no longer become not selectable after selecting an item that the player can’t afford.
  • Hangar doors should no longer remain closed when a landing pad is assigned.
  • Players should no longer get teleported to a no trespassing zone when their ship is impounded at rest stops.
  • Various fixes for memory leaks.
  • Various fixes for hub and backend service crashes.

Some good bug fixes there I would expect to see 3.10.1 LIVE at some point next week.

And that’s it for this week… we are still waiting on the CI showing off their new Roadmaps and the Squadron 42 show the Briefing Room… Also there were a lot of Dev Responses over the last few days and I’ll be getting a video up going over that information shortly.