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Star Citizen Alpha 3.10.1 Live

Star Citizen Alpha 3.10.1 is now live I wanted to take a look at the patch notes, updates and issues that the live branch still has in this video:

Firstly Some Assets Wiped Again from 3.10 -> 3.10.1 I am starting to understand now why CI said they have LTP enable but there might be wipes still… it’s partly because there are inconsistencies with copying data over. That said hopefully some of the backend service updates and iCache should make this more reliable in the future. It does however appear that the 0 aUEC bug is now fixed… at least I have not encountered it since 3.10.1 went Live.

Lots of people are reporting more stability and performance improvements too.

Form the actual Patch Notes:

  • Visual updates to some of the Bartenders.
  • Added updated bartenders and patrons to Rest Stop bars.
  • Adjusted the kill mesh around Lorville.
  • Ship targeting UI updates
  • Added closure rate for ships that are targeted. Added reticle and pip animation indicating fire solution. Removed outline effects from targeted ship.
  • Reverted Banu Defender back to normal default setup.
  • Added manual interaction to the Internal doors in the Avenger series to help with players logging back in not being able to get through the doors.
  • Added Reliant variants to New Deal and Arena Commander inventories.
  • Temporarily converted Tachyon weapons into normal energy cannons.
  • Added the Hornet ball turret, flashfire mount, and nose turret to PU shops and Arena Commander REC rentals.

Lots of Bug Fixes:

  • Locations and portions of locations should no longer stream in slowly or fail to stream in at all.
  • Fixed an issue that was causing the Greycat ROC to not pick up every mined them with the tractor beam.
  • Greycat ROC storage should now show the correct amount of minerals collected to the nearest decimal point.
  • Mineable resources should no longer shift or move when hit with a vehicle.
  • Changing undersuits with legs armor equipped will no longer make a players equipped side arm or utility items appear between their feet.
  • Fixed an issue that was causing ships that flew into the autopilot / kill zone to be flown back to the spaceport before exploding.
  • Area18 landing splines should no longer destroy the player’s ship on occasion.
  • Fixed an issue causing multiple drop-off delivery missions to not have all 3 drop-off locations.
  • Outpost building at Shubin Mining Facility SMO-13 should no longer be placed too high above ground which was preventing players from entering.
  • Weapons will no longer float near the players back, if they unequip either the Pembroke or Novikov suit and then equip any torso armor.
  • The external elevator screens at the New Babbage Spaceport Metro Loop should no longer be misaligned.
  • Fixed an issue causing Bartenders to get stuck trying to pick up dirty drinks.
  • Upper and lower turret seats in the Caterpillar should now have collision.
  • Camera should no longer slowly pan through the ship interior at the end of an Arena Commander match.
  • Equipping any attachment to a weapon using the inner thought should no longer cause the attachment to sit in the players hand.
  • The 890 jump medical bed “Set preferred ICU” prompt should now be visible without having to lay down in the bed.
  • Player and Ship Art will no longer become offset from the Ship when a player exits the Ship after Exiting Pilot Seat during QT.
  • Fixed multiple reversed decals on the Hornet series.
  • Landing wrench icon should no longer display on a landing pad when spawning a ship.
  • Fixed missing collision on the rear personnel elevator struts/supports on the 890j and 600i.
  • The open and close interaction mode prompts on the rear interior door of the cutlass Red and Blue should no longer appear reversed.
  • Players should no longer take collision damage when entering a ship.
  • Players should no longer experience 16k7 lockout issues.
  • Delivery mission boxes should no longer spawn within the ground.
  • The Freelancer series ships should no longer spawn from ASOP with a damaged thruster.
  • The buy UI should no longer become not selectable after selecting an item that the player can’t afford.
  • Players should no longer get teleported to a no trespassing zone when their ship is impounded at rest stops.
  • Fixed 8 Client & 9 Server crashes.
  • Various fixes for memory leaks as well as hub and backend service crashes.

There is still a long list of known issues and Part of the reason for this LIVE patch is to help triage and fix those issues in the Live environment there are for example Hangar Door & Asset Streaming Issues that CI want players to help track and solve. I’ll put the link to that below. Other Known Issues Currently are:

  • Hangar doors may either close too quickly or remain closed when requesting landing. Workaround: Resubmit landing request.
  • Quantum travel can be obstructed by party members on your ship.
  • Cockpit MFDs on some ships can stop working.
  • FPS ammo can become permanently broken when purchasing large quantities at once.
  • There are various issues with Bed logging.
  • The pitch ladder can become stuck on the ship HUD.
  • Commodity boxes dropped by exploded ships can despawn too quickly.
  • The Elevator panel on the Carrack can not work.
  • Private Arena Commander matches are temporarily disabled.
  • Player characters can clip through the external doors of certain outposts.
  • When firing at AI ships they will appear to Desync and have high packet loss, remote turrets can also appear to de-sync at least visually.
  • Freelook does not always work properly in turrets
  • Ships on spawn terminals can be displayed as ‘unknown’ & spawn on the wrong pad or not at all.
  • Crystals and large surface rock deposits sometimes vibrate and shake
  • Hammerhead atmo entry effects clipping through the  interior of the ship
  • The Ship Hologram takes over 20 seconds to load the first time the Player views one in VMA.
  • The Area18 nav marker will appear at the central plaza, not the spaceport.
  • Legally landed ships may be impounded incorrectly
  • If the player disconnects during the prison load screen transition their load-out will not be changed
  • ADS with the arrowhead & P6-LR can cause the scope to break.

Although Alpha 3.10.1 is a significant improvement and there is a lot of accessibility again, there are still a lot of those bugs… 

It’s possible we could see a 3.10.2 BUT equally as possible that these bugs will be rolled into 3.11 and hopefully fixed there. We are getting to a stage where CI need to implement some of their new game and backend systems to solve some of these issues.

One of the great things about 3.10.1 is that it appears that the Reclaimer has been re-added and Reliants have been added to the in game shops… so you can be almost everything that’s flyable in game now!