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Star Citizen – New Ships Incoming

Today I wanted to talk about what New Star Citizen ships are incoming for the rest of 2020, what we know, what CI are working on, what concepts we might see and more.

Let’s talk about what’s on the Roadmap First for Alpha 3.11 (potentially the end of September) we have the 

Much anticipated MSR Mercury Star Runner… the multi-role cargo/data runner.

It’s looking like a favorite for a lot of small groups of players. Will it have any of it’s data mechanics when it launches… it’s unlikely BUT it’s possible.

We have seen various areas of the ships interior now, it’s suppose to have lots of hideyholes and ways for the crew to move around while inside… some people didn’t like the updated whitebox images they saw in the IFW hologram saying the ship had become too chunky BUT we will have to wait (not very long) and see.

100 Series is also planned for the patch. It’s the newest range of starter ships focusing on a bit more of the luxury/racing/longer range skew on the starters. The 100i base version, 125a more combat version and 135c cargo… I am not excited by these personally BUT I’ll probably use them as shuttles and it might be a gem.

For Q4 or the Alpha 3.12 Patch on the Roadmap we have the newly revealed 

Tevarin Talon Light Fighter and it’s variant the Shriek which focuses on Missiles with Hit & Run Tactics. They are quite interesting single seater, glass cannon, agile, stealthy fighters.

Other Ships we know CI are working on currently assumedly for Q4 – 3.12 are the:

The Hercules C2 Starlifter, it’s a big cargo and vehicle carrying ship that should be good at landing planetside.

The Constellation Taurus also has been seen in active development with it’s expanded cargo bay.

Tho not a ship… but incredibly important CI are working on the P52/P72 Connie Docking for the Constellation Series… which might be ready at the same time.

It is very possible we could see something entirely new straight to flyable for 3.11 & 3.12 OR some new Concept Ships/Vehicles in 2020 as well… so what’s been rumored and what’s likely?

Recently we saw from a concierge Newsletter Something from RSI is coming, from the teaser it doesn’t give us anything more… it could be a vehicle or ship: 

Although there have been leaks about the RSI Odin Pretty Large Gunship which may be officially unveiled later this year.

We know from CitizenCon 2019 that CI have rough plans for a

Xi’An Cargo Ship AND a Mobile Refinery Ship which we don’t know what manufacturer they have planned for that… it could be that’s what the new RSI ship is even.

We do know tho that they want to flesh out the Xi’An for Squadron 42’s needs whatever needs those are… but as a major alien race they really need more economy and civilian ships not just fighters.

The last 3 months of the year are Star Citizen’s big ticket and push events…

Although CitizenCon has been cancelled for 2020, CI are still planning to do some form of celebration and I would expect to see something new ship, variant and / or vehicle wise.

Again the End of November is the IAE which typically has a in game event and freefly with players being able to try the game and different ships each day for free.

They typically have a new ship & vehicle or 2 that go on sale or are straight to flyable too.

It’s worth noting that CI are much have moved more over to short term concepts and straight to flyable sales… they don’t want to announce a ship or vehicle that has a long development cycle… that’s not to say that won’t happen ever… it’s just it’s much more of a push for either having these ships that go on sale be ready OR be ready in the near future.

There are a few other ships and vehicles that CI have in production OR have hinted at… some of which could make it … BUT NOT ALL:

Over the last few months CI have mentioned the Hull C, it’s supposed to be complete for it’s squadron 42 needs… BUT there was a lot of technical requirements to get it into the PU.

And we have been told that the remainder of those requirements should be being worked on now. So the Hull C is very possible to be something that could be pushed for the end of the year.

The Redeemer is a ship that needed to be reconcepted and we saw some of those updates at the Invictus Fleet Week event in May. It’s supposed to be more of a gunship now… I mean it was a gun/dropship before… so it hasn’t changed much. Again this is one that could be fit in for 2020 potentially.

The Nova Tank is supposed to be somewhat fast tracked for the needs of ToW… this is a solid main battle tank.

The Vulture is a light salvage ship that was on the Roadmap before Salvage was again pushed off the visible features. Depending on plans from CI this could re-appear for the end of the year.

Something that’s been suggested is that with the current work on Crusader Ships and it’s Major Landing Zone that ships like the Ares or Starliner might also be being worked on… which is quite possible. The Ares is pretty simple as a heavy fighter and the Genesis is needed for moving NPCs and player between planets via commercial flights. I would think reasonably high priorities there.

The G12 Rover is something relatively simple they could get in game as well in the shorter term.

Lot’s of people ask about when the Banu Merchantman or Polaris are coming… the last time CI talked about them they suggested that the Polaris would be first BUT haven’t given us any more of an inkling than that really.

What I want to see more than anything else is Titan Suits… these are supposed very heavy Iron man / powerloader like armor that can carry a weapon… where these are exactly in terms of their development for the PU remains to be seen… they might get priority due to things like Theatres of War… we do know that CI have R&Dd various aspects of them and tried out white boxing them in engine BUT that was many months ago… Really we don’t know much about them BUT I can hope…

And that’s it for today! I am relatively hyped for the MSR coming with 3.11 and interested to see what CI can fit in by the end of the year with other ships & vehicles… And we could certainly see some other stuff not mentioned here turn up!