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Star Citizen TLDR – New Roadmaps

Star Citizen TLDR looking at highlights and a summary of the Star Citizen News for the week ending the 23rd of August. New Patches, Critical Issues, New Roadmaps, New POI, gadgets and less than lethal weapons, as well as a quick look at the new throwing feature and a sprint report.

There is a major issue with the 3.10.1 branch and ships bought in game are not currently being saved to the LTPDB though 3.10.2 which is currently being tested aims to fix that.

We are currently on 3.10.2b on the PTU which also:

Increased delivery mission rewards.

Fixed further issues with HOTAS controls being reset when a player uses their mobiGlas or interaction.

With the Roadmap for 3.11 & 3.12 there is no notable changes.

CIG Molly said in reply to a question Nothing New Really? – Nothing notable, which isn’t really “nothing new.” It just means no cards have shifted columns and no cards have been added or removed from the Roadmap. Progress is still being made, tasks have been completed, and we’re working towards getting everything ready for 3.11.

Alos the New Roadmap for both Squadron and the PU has been previewed now…

In the coming weeks we should see more BUT we are basically going to have quarters divided into 6 2 week sprints and see much more detail on each individual feature, teams working on it and it’s progress. It will be pretty good IF CI can keep it up to date and not let the communication lines slip.

The New Throwing mechanic allows you to equip throwables (g) and then

Left Click to over arm throw them

Right Click to under arm throw them

This is combined with a much more accurate aim.

Items will behave based on their mass and material.

They are looking at a grenade arc on the ui as well.

Area 18 has been getting day night cycles implemented. It actually really affects the way the location looks!

They are concepting new Access Doors and hatches for the exterior of space stations.

This is to support new eva missions for investigation, repair and potentially combat. 

They are also building new defense turrets for some locations… one day when we have enough laws and defenses… the green zones will be removed and entirely handled by security, laws and defenses.

They have been concepting & exploring homesteads for moons, planets and the NPCs living there. These are basically additional POI for mission, exploration and to add more life to an area. 

More to POI they have been working on large rock formation generation. We will see interesting new assets on planetary bodies BUT this sort of thing may be VERY common in Pyro.

Environment AMA – Recap Format is Awesome!

There was an environment AMA that talked about biomes, planetary tools and the pyro system and upcoming plans.

New planetary tools allow them to build planets and biomes better and faster.

Pyro is making a lot of progress and they have built lots of assets, tho there won’t be any volcanoes of flowing lava when Pyro is released.

We will see forests in the future as well as dangerous plants.

Caves and craters will be getting updates, new cave entrances and massive craters!

I have a video looking at that in more detail as well, so check that out.

Stun and knockdowns are in game as part of melee combat but also electron damage will have varying levels of Stun damage based on the weapon using it.

The Sneak Peek from the Newsletter this week is of what appears to be a new Preacher Armaments Taser Pistol that will make use of electron damage in a less than lethal way. We don’t have an indication of when this will be in game tho.

Gadgets like throwable decoys and deployable shields will be a thing. Gadget like this are planned to start coming in the game early 2021. At some point you’ll see different grenade types too.

Also there will be a downed and bleeding out state added to the game, you won’t be insta-dead when your health hits zero.

They are working on the inventory and trading system.

Armor may need power in the future and certain energy weapons may be able charge from the armor.

In the future we are likely to see shooting ranges again, tho the greenzones make that difficult in the short-term.

There will be a grapple hook device for Zero G Movement.

They said they could have flamethrowers tho they aren’t currently planned.

We will see more weapon customization with mods and skins in the near future.

We will see more accurate bullet drop and weapon zeroing will be very important for that.

Dual wielding weapons is apparently not something they are looking into.

A physical damage system is coming as are different ammo types.

Weight, loadout and armour will affect your characters movement.

Other – A backer that wishes to remain anonymous put me on to there being some concerns at the Vanguard Series potentially getting nerfed.

On the ship stats page all the Vanguards seem to now use 4 size 1 shields instead of 2 size 2.

I’ll get some more info on that and update you once I know more. It could be a bit of a balance change OR a mistake.