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BoredGamer Needs Your Help!

Welcome to some more Star Citizen and a BoredGamer Channel Update – I need your help…

Alpha 3.11 is potentially right around the corner and I’ve been wanting to grow BG as a Channel and my Star Citizen Content for a while now… from September 1st I have a full time editor & channel aide starting with me… it’s terrifying for me to take someone on, pay them and manage them BUT it’s also smart if I can utilize them correctly as I can get a lot more content out and have my content have a much higher production value… better b-roll, more appropriate editing and lots of new content.

What I need from you as viewers of my channel are ideas and help with the direction of my content. What Do You want to see content wise?

Obviously I am going to continue to summarize news, updates, patch notes, features and talk about ships etc… BUT what else do you want to see in the near future:

Ship Buyer’s Guides – Looking at every ship currently in game what they can do and their price.

How to aUEC Guides for each Role… Cargo… Bounty Hunting… Different Mission & Gameplay loops as well as Gameplay & Mission Playthroughs.

Our own homebrew events – Treasure Hunts… Battle Royale…

Deep Dives into Near Term Features

Deep Dives into less known Features

I need people to help me organize my Org AND in game events and recording.

There is planned content that requires numbers, that could be taking on an Idris PvE.

OR a 25v25 battle. Then there are events like:

Daymar Rally inspired Racing… 

Organized Man Hunts…

Destruction Derbys

If you want to get involved in that future content then please join my discord.

Would you like to see more opinionated content talking about:

New Features or Ships I’d like to see.

How I’d like certain mechanics and the flight model to be.

Would you like videos on looking at a bug, organizing as a group to gather information about it. Balance again look at the balance of a mechanic and as a group talk about what might make it work a bit better. 

I also need more Mods for Youtube, Twitch, Reddit & Discord and if you are interested please get in contact with me on

New Content Planned

Spotlight – The Plan is to see at least 1 Org each month AND then highlight events, players, apps, services, content… etc… so if you have any orgs, people, or other things that would be good to spotlight or showcase then let me know.

When Will We See Alpha 3.11?

Alpha 3.11 the Q3 patch is a little hazy in where it might land.

On Paper it’s supposed to be targeted for the end of September.

However historically this can be around CitizenCon mid October.

CitizenCon is cancelled this year… BUT this is due to the Global Situation and 3.10 had seen delays of it’s live release of over a month AND that could have a knock on effect to 3.11… currently it’s targeted for the end of September BUT that’s a date that as I said is a bit hazy.

I am going to start pushing CI of an Office Tour as soon as their studios re-open.

It’s been a while since I’ve been able to get a feel and handle on what’s going on with the project in the forms of insight and direction BEYOND what is shared on the Roadmap and CIGs content. I really want to secure an interview with Erin OR another keymaster… like Luke Presley potentially.

I have wanted a Star Citizen & BoredGamer Podcast for a while.

Something low effort and Star Citizeny but also a bit general gamey

So I’ll get zin to jump in with me for a talky Star Citizen & BoredGamer Stream at the Start of Sept BUT Would people like a weekly AMA Stream With zin there as well? She is going to be appearing in streams where we play Star Citizen as well and potentially the Podcast.

Zin is going to be making new emotes and art for the channel… so if you have any emotes you’d like to see for Youtube, Discord and Twitch usage I’d love to know…

The Same is true of merch … mostly T-Shirts.

Tho I am thinking of getting Mugs made in the BoredGamer Yellow with the BG face…

Better Shilling… I want to keep sponsorship/partnership/ad options open… I use things like NordVPN and Shadow Myself… But there is also opportunities like The Ridge Wallet.

Get 10% off today —WITH FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING AND RETURNS—by going to that’s and use code “BOREDGAMER”.

But if people have ideas of what I should shill for… then I am happy to take a look.

I need to be able to use and enjoy the product or service myself tho and have it be somewhat useful for my audience!

August we are Giving away a Mercury Star Runner… I am planning to buy some more for future giveaways when they are available BUT in the short term for September do people like the idea of a Talon? 

So yeah please give me feedback, comments, suggestions and help me!