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Star Citizen Ship Showdown 2020

Star Citizen today looking at the Ship Showdown 2020 event as well as Updates to POI in the Game, Force Reactions that will be in 3.11 knocking your character around. Also Updated Problem Solving for errors in the game now!

Ship Showdown – The Ship Showdown is upon us again. This is a community driven ship popularity contest.

There are 3 phases… Community Call which ends September 7th and judges the most popular ships by community creations.

If you want to get involved make a video, piece of art or something interesting on your fav ship with the hashtag #SCShipShowdown

The 16 flyable ships with the most activity will make it into the Ship Showdown finals.

Which is then a voting stage to see who is most popular.

With the Winner Crowd on the 24th of September.

There are ten MISC Prospectors as prizes during phase 1, going to the creators of especially outstanding submissions, and once they kick off phase 2 (bracket voting for the top 16), get ready for a two-week Free Fly event, so it’s up to the community to decide what ships are available for that FreeFly.

Last year we saw some special skins for the top 4 ships at the IAE as well… also it’s very possible we will see a sale or something for the top ships at the end of September imo.

The only “issue” I see with this is that I suspect that the same ships are likely going to be winning this year as were last year… the top 4 being Caterpillar, Cutlass Black, Reclaimer & Hammerhead… but there are a few more ships in game this time so maybe I am wrong.

Inside Star Citizen: Cooking With Gas looked at Spacescaping and Force Reactions.

Gas clouds and spacescaping isn’t just about making POI look better… it’s also about improving the areas between them, the journey needs to be enjoyable and look great.

Adding depth to a Station or outpost they can spawn in an interesting gascloud with set of derilicts and asteroids. At the moment these area of interest are not procedurally generated… they are created by an artist… tho there is a set of tools for their quick manufacture.

Light pushing through gas clouds will give extra depths and tint.

They have massive gas clouds and little pocks of gas clouds within them too.

A Massive parent cloud with many children within it too.

The child cloud VDBs (Volume Database Files – which contain volumetric data to simulate clouds or similar) and aoi are where we will be spending most of our time when visiting a POI or doing a mission… the larger parent is there to give a background, texture and context as well as something more interesting to look at when QTing.

While the child gas clouds are the size of a moon maybe, the parents is much more massive than even Crusader.

Force Reactions add shakes, twitches, getting thrown around and stuns into the mix.

Getting shot will cause your view to shake and your character to react.

In 3.11 there are a lot of updates for them. we will see full on knockdowns but also our reactions more appropriate when our ship gets hit too.

The have a “theme park” testing area where they can test and dial in all these reactions too.

Twitch reactions have you reacting a certain way when you get hit by a projectile… this will vary based on what your hit with and where and how far away they are.

A high powered rifle at close range is REALLY going to knock your view around.

An automatic weapon at long range might knock it around a little bit but you’ll be getting hit a lot more maybe?

Shotguns will knock players down if they get a close range shot in.

A rocket or explosion will knock you around with some force.

They are looking at the animations for getting knocked over and falling from a great height, they want it to look smooth!

Grenades and Shotguns look to be a lot more useful!

Grenades and explosions will shake your camera from quite far away.

When on ships, you character will react to G-Forces and the ships movement when it’s flying around. Sudden or large impacts will cause players that are not in seats to get knocked over or go flying.

Beyond 3.11 they will keep on improving and iterating on these!

Updated Error / Problem Solving on the Support Site – There are a lot of updates to the the Problem Solving on the with a much better breakdown of errors what they mean and how to potentially fix them in a bit more detail. So if you are getting a regular issue check that out!