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BoredGamer September 2020 Update

Welcome to a Star Citizen BoredGamer September Update what’s coming up and what’s planned for this month AND hopefully some BIG and POSITIVE changes to the Channel.

Star Citizen Alpha 3.11 on the Horizon… though nothing is confirmed yet we should be seeing an evocati phase for the patch in the next 2-3 weeks. IF all goes well we should be seeing 3.11 LIVE end of September – Early October.

The major things I am looking forward to are the Mercury Star Runner, Cargo Facilities for Space Stations with all the gameplay that brings AND the netcode updates which I hope will lead to a much better feeling game with less JANK and more stability.

The Winner of August’s Giveaway is – “SHOESOFGOD” congratulations you have won a Mercury Star Runner. Also thankyou for the citizen who wished to remain anonymous that donated that MSR to me.

I am also giving out some Aves Helmets to some people that commented on the I NEED YOUR HELP VIDEO… It was semi-random xD check to see if I have messaged you there!

September’s Giveaway – is for the New Talon Light Fighter a beautiful Battle Bird of a ship and it’s planned to be flyable by the end of the year. I will be getting some more MSRs as soons as possible!

ALSO you may see some random flair items given away to comments I like…

AND I will be giving a ROC that CI gave to me away on Social Media at some point in September too.

Zin is officially working for me as an editor and channel aid, she starts in literally a few hours! I am literally working out tasks for us now. She will be joining me on Stream Tuesday 1st September 3pm UTC for a special BoredGamer Star Citizen AMA…

I’ve been setting my stream up a bit better, I’ve actually set up lighting for my camera properly. So I should look more beautiful.

Zin will be adding some more emotes.

I will have proper Merch & T-Shirts and have that integrated with Youtube.

Plans for September

Content Plans After going through all the comments on the I NEED YOUR HELP VIDEO I’ve got a rough idea of what I want to focus on content wise this month.

There will still be the basics so weekly news, Roadmap updates, summaries of the SC Shows and Posts.

A whole host of 3.11 content as soon as it’s out of Evocati and into 1st wave PTU… that will include Patch Notes, a look at all the new content and features all that jazz.

Beyond that there is quite a few other topics, series and videos I want to look at:

Basic Build/Meta Guide – What Components Are Worth Getting?

Detailed Gameplay Loops

In Game Now

Planned Features

Star Citizen Easter Eggs / How to Find Quick Guides – Javelin Crash Site, Benny Henge etc…

A Star Citizen’s Guide to Jargon – What’s a Bad Token? A 30k? How do PO? OR SPK?

A Deep Dive into Ship HuDs, MFDs and what you can do with Ship Systems.

aUEC Guides on Making Money with each of the major roles in game – Making Money as a Miner, Combat Pilot etc… What Ships are best for the role.

Bug Hunting & Contributing Guide – How to report

Bug Hunting – Literally finding an annoying or common bug and talking about it.

Bugs & Workarounds

In Game Sightseeing and Tourism

Slightly different from my Ship Buyer’s Guide, I want to do a Full Walkthrough of each ship talk about it’s uses in game now, gameplay eventually, who it’s suitable for and upgrade options.

Deep Dives into Individual Features, Tech & Roadmaps

Did You Know / How To Series for Certain Missions and Gameplay 

Mission playthroughs and reviews

Multiplayer Gameplay

Grey Market / Black Market Deep Dive

Planned Fleet Battles & Planned Boarding Actions, We are going work out some ideas for events.

A Shop & Item Guide – Where to Find X

Accurate Relevant Guides – With Patch Version in their Title.

A Video looking at getting involved with affecting Development

Star Citizen Podcast – I need to contact some people and get that set up!

ALSO I want a more general chaty BoredGamer Podcast every so often… I quite like talking.

We might not be able to get thru all that AND there might be some others there too and there is quite a lot more I want to look at later BUT thank you for helping me get some plans on paper those of you that left feedback… feel free to do it anytime on any video!

There will be some opportunities to participate in videos and help record as well… Please watch out in my for details of that in the coming weeks.

I’m going to be taking a look at Elite Dangerous at some point they contacted me and sent me some loot. A little schematic, a key for the game a Stream Deck, some razor ear buds it was actually pretty cool. And when Odessey launches there is going to be walking on planets and I want to check that out EVEN if it’s just to get a bit of context of how other Space Sim MMOs are doing and what SC can learn from them.

Personally I have been pretty well. I’ve had a little back pain and some headaches but at the moment pretty good!

I am a little sick of lockdown, I could potentially start going out BUT am avoid that because my Father’s Radiotherapy is starting in a couple of weeks.

August was a difficult month getting everything sorted BUT that means September can be a lot more simpler!

Supporting the Channel further I’ve updated Patreon stuff so now it can Take Multiple Currencies AND Annual Subscriptions.

Patreon and the Youtube Channel Memberships will effectively share rewards, so you’ll get the exclusive content that me and zin put out on whatever platform you are supporting on.

It’s one of zin’s high priority tasks this week as well!

In regard to shilling this month, it’s going to be focusing on NordVPN and I’ll make anything I shill for a bit more interesting… like we did with Ridge wallet.

I still support shadow, but they had quite long waiting lists so I’ll check back with them a little later, I do think they provide an awesome alternative to owning your own gaming PC.