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This Week in Star Citizen – FreeFly Incoming

Welcome to some more Star Citizen, I wanted to break some content down into very short chunks and This Week in Star Citizen just talking about what we’ve got to look forward to each week is one of those short snappy updates.

The Ship Showdown is underway with Phase 1 AND CI want you to share your favorite ship and any creation or content you can make with it on their community hub or twitter using the #SCShipShowdown you can upvote other peoples submissions too to show support.

The top 16 ships will make it into the next phase where 2 ships will go head to head in a vote off.

Phase 1 ends September 7th, Phase 2 starts September 9th and I believe this is when we will also have a 2 week freefly event as well with those top 16 ships.

CI have also said “the winning ships may unlock some cool prizes later this year” last year that was free skins during the IAE for owners of the top 4 ships.

There are some very cool entries.

Later today (Wednesday), you’ll be able to take a peek into last month’s happenings in the PU & SQ42 Monthly Reports. This should give us some much deeper insight into what is going on with Development.

Thursday’s Inside Star Citizen Will be taking a look at the upcoming GP33 grenade launcher and another Sprint Report. 

Star Citizen Live on Friday is a Lighting Gamedev episode featuring Lead Lighting Artist Chris Campbell. That will be on the SC Twitch BUT they haven’t said a time yet, it’s typically between 3-5pm UTC. You’ll also have the newsletter & roadmap roundup by the weekend.
Hopefully nothing else has moved off 3.11, we did see Elevator Panels and the Missile Operator Mode get delayed last week.

As far as I am aware CI are on track with 3.11 or at least they haven’t said otherwise and we should be seeing it go to the Evocati phase in the coming weeks.Something that was very interesting was the reveal of the New Nvidia Cards for the 3000 series with the 3070 (coming October) and 3080 & 3090 coming later this month and the 3090 (asumidly replacing the Tis). It looks like all the cards are pretty powerful compared to the last gen and priced A LOT better… well the 3090 isn’t it’s $1500… the 3070 looks like it would suit a huge range of gamers needs and be a big upgrade for most and only $500 for better than 2080ti performance maybe… take that with a pinch of salt until we’ve seen 3rd party reviews. The 3080 is what I’d probably by planning to buy for my needs I want 1440p / 4k gaming at good frame rates for recording and that card is set to be around $700.