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Star Citizen Space Station Updates

Welcome to some more Star Citizen, today we look at quick and dirty missile changes in 3.11, the New GP-33 Grenade Launcher, Environment & Location Update, the Externals of Cargo Facilities AND ship to station docking. 

Before we take a look at the summary of ISC I wanted to have a quick look at a Dev Response about Missile changes coming in 3.11

They are putting some basic bodge fixes for missile gameplay in 3.11. 

CI’s YogiKlatt Said:

“Included in the fixes are things like working chaff, better CM controls (which we mentioned a couple of times already) and a couple of other tweaks to suppress missile spam. We actually had the fixes almost ready for 3.10 but since the testing requirements were too high we had to postpone them to 3.11.”

The future Missile operator mode and missile overhaul coming in 2021 should more significantly improve AND balance missile use.

Inside Star Citizen: Out to Launch

Ship to Station Docking has seen work, they have been testing potential station docking collars for large and capital ships.

They showed the concept of a 65m extendable collar coming from a station connecting a javelin with a few different variants. Which they have also tested in engine, with multiple docks and capital ships attached to them.

They want to make these connections feel secure BUT I think that if they do go down this route a lot of docking automation will have to take place as docking collars would have to connect to specific areas of ships very precisely.

They have been building out the cargo deck exteriors for the new cargo facilities feature.

There are multiple variations of these exteriors

They look to have huge compartments of cargo containers, they are currently working out different cargo sizes and types that players will see in the future with them specifically mentioning these larger containers being attached to Hull-Series Spacecraft… please CIG make my Hull-C! 

Alpha 3.11 introduces the GP-33 Grenade Launcher which is currently pretty unique.

It’s going to be extremely effective in corridors, inside ships or structures.

And with a trained hand be useful in wide open spaces.

They have tried to come up with a good balance for the weapon, using current grenades as reference so that the weapon isn’t too op or weak.

It sounds like it has a smaller critical damage radius but out of that small lethal aoe you will still take a small amount of damage and be affected by it’s stun/stumble.

They have been testing it internally with ToW AND the GP-33 is fully functional they are just putting the final touches on for it’s completion.

Lighting Updates – if you’ve shone your flashlight on some smoke in Star Citizen you’ll know how bright the light can get and this isn’t really intended so they are working on updating the current particle lighting model towards a more physically based rendering one (PBR).

This will ensure that the particles hit by the light source won’t be brighter than the light source… It’s also better looking and less work to use.

Day Night Cycle updates have been making progress, this has different lighting for the landing zones based on the time of day. L-19 at Lorville has been receiving work getting it’s massive security tower search lights moving.

They have been updating ships for the last few months to the new hard surface shader for wear and tear but also more skins and customization.

The Updated Organic Painting tool is being used now to help build planets and biomes, it has a greater range of variation of assets and blending. It’s also a faster more efficient tool set too. They mentioned it was important for finishing the moons of Pyro… 

I thought it was odd they didn’t say moons and planets… we do know that CI have been building out many of the planets in Pyro.