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Star Citizen TLDR – 6th September 2020

Star Citizen TLDR looking at what we happened in the world of Star Citizen this time of the week ending the 6th of September 2020.

We do have the Ship Showdown running currently with Phase 1 finishing on the 7th September… then the top 16 ships will be in a head to head vote off to see the top 4 most popular and it appears that between the 9th and 23rd there is going to be a FreeFlight involving those 16 ships as well as a start of that head to head in phase 2.

Inside Star Citizen this week showed off the GP-33 Grenade Launcher which looks pretty explodey.

We also saw updates that are coming to lighting having smoke/steam not so bright.

Day-Night Cycles dialled in for Landing Zones.

We saw the Externals for Space Station Cargo Facilities, they are quite expansive.

Also we saw current tests and iterations of Docking Collars allowing larger ships to dock with stations. 

The RSI Subscriber Ship of the Month is the Cutlass Blue they have access to that ship for September.

The Monthly Report for Squadron and the PU came out, I’ll give you some highlights:

Lots of cargo things were worked on, new volatile cargo and containers.

A reputation system is being worked on for Missions, NPCs and Factions as are NPC Organizations that you can join in game for perks. 

They are Reworking the Starmap App.

The Pyro System saw more work with some of it’s planets and moons going into a painting pass.

The Squadron 42 told us that there has been lots of work on Vanduul focusing on melee and associated animations/behaviors as well as more work on the Xi’An for Squadrons needs. 

There were a lot of last second changes with the 3.11 Roadmap:

The Server to Client Net Rework, Death Animations & Surrendering have been pushed back to 3.12. Also FPS AI Combat Updates pushed off the Roadmap.

The MSR will be in the 3.11 branch but it might not make the initial 3.11.0 build.

There were a load of additions to 3.11 as well:

Force Reactions that’s you character getting knocked over by certain hits and blasts but also if you are walking around a ship and it takes a sudden hit, you’ll react appropriately.

Repainting Existing Planets & Moons

Updated Ground Textures

Updated Geology

There is also a new Player & External Inventory System that will have us have access to more of our inventory as well as external vehicle containers.

CI also confirmed that there were some Missile and countermeasure updates coming in 3.11 as well.

A mixed bag, the delay of the Net Rework might see SC in a less than desirable state in the short term.

Star Citizen Live this week looked at lighting and how they use it in the Lumberyard/StarEngine. Building up a scene so that it’s appropriately lit but also is resource efficient.

They are going to have a Virtual Star Citizen Cosplay Contest basically they are collecting pictures and videos of Citizen’s Cosplay for some prizes for the 8 ones that CI like best, I’ll link the thread downbelow you have until October 31st to Enter.