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Star Citizen FreeFly This Week!

This Week in Star Citizen where we have a FreeFly Event kicking off real soon and lots to get involved with this week ending the 13th of September.

For those of you into lore later today (Tuesday) there will be a post on the weapon manufacturer MaxOx looking deeper into their History.

There is a huge amount happening Wednesday tho, Phase 2 of the Ship Showdown starts.
This will reveal the top 16 most popular flyable ships and starts off their daily head to head “battles”.

We also have a 2 Week Free Fly event starting here too. All 16 of those ships will be flyable for free from the 9th – 23rd of September. We don’t know if this will be an event for players with Game Packages Only OR if Star Citizen’s PU will be free for anyone to try during that period yet.

For Subscribers they are also releasing the Newsletter & a Promotion Comm-Link which we will checkout once posted!

Could there be a Ship Sale during the freefly and Ship Showdown period… I would say that is HIGHLY likely. Why wouldn’t they offer the ships on sale? That’s not a confirmation, just an expectation.

Inside Star Citizen this Thursday is looking at the Origin 100 Series in more detail and the front-end rework coming in Alpha 3.11.

For Friday there is going to be a Star Citizen Live on their Twitch… they will be talking about the Ship Showdown and those top 16 ships.

Also on Friday we’ll see the Roadmap Update… HOPEFULLY WITH NO MORE SLIPPAGES!

Things you can get involved with this week:

There is a Virtual Star Citizen Cosplay Contest running until the 31st of October where you can submit your cosplay pics.

Also the Ship Showdown will give you the opportunity to vote on the ship you like the most in the head to head matchups each day.

The Freefly will give you the ability to fly those ships too and there will be a lot of new players around I suspect that could benefit from experienced players on the Guide System, which pairs a new player with a sensei in game to teach them how to do… whatever they requested to be taught about!

One last note about the ship showdown is they did say “that the winning ships may unlock some cool prizes later this year”

I expect that to be the top 4 getting some exclusive free skins during the IAE at the end of November.