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Star Citizen TLDR Week Ending 13th Sept 2020

Star Citizen TLDR with what’s been going on this week in the Wonderful world of said game for the week ending 13th September 2020.

The Ship Showdown and Freefly is on.

You can try star citizen for free until the 23rd of September.

All players have access to super popular 16 ship during that period to.

You just need to go to the freefly page and enter the code there.

The Star Citizen Live this week talked about the Ship Showdown and some of the devs fav ships. Remember that each day you can vote on a ship head to head.

And those 16 ships are also available to purchase on the RSI Website at least until they are knocked out of the Showdown.

Newsletter – The Best in the ‘Verse are Going Head-To-Head

Mercury Star Runner Turret Seats were this weeks Sneak Peek

There is a new open Star Citizen 3.10.2c PTU test with this build testing some infrastructure improvements to the backend loadout service. CI want players to do all forms of loadout changes with their character clothing and weapons, ship loadouts, and entering and exiting prison which updates a character loadout.

The only listed changes are Infrastructure changes to loadout service.

There is a reason to test as you get 15mill Starting aUEC in the test environment.

The Roadmap Round Up this week just had the Behring BR2 Ballistic Shotgun go into polish.

The question remains when will we see Alpha 3.11?

Although I would expect to see 3.11’s PTU during September it looks to me that CI are going to be releasing the LIVE build mid October, probably on the grave of CitizenCon if possible on the 10th of October… not a major delay if that is the case IN FACT it’s what they would typically do. I think that makes the most sense, tho it’s not a confirmation just an expectation.

Inside Star Citizen this week looked at the 100 series which I am a lot more excited about now, they have a lot of features beyond a more basic and I suppose cheaper starter ship.

With internal space, a bed, missiles, fuel efficiency, speed and are very nice looking.

CI also talked about their front end updates and ongoing changes to the UIs moving everything over the building blocks.

Luke Pressley talked about some Criminal System Updates in a thread about Overbearing Crime and Punishment

“We are currently working on a security network which will allow AI to become hostile to players without the need for giving them CrimeStats. This will mean that while turrets do fire, no lasting felonies will be committed. It will also make it much easier to choose which players are allowed to enter these locations without being fired upon.”

Also Chris Roberts has emerged from his Cocoon to post on the Spectrum Forums in 2 quite lengthy posts… On talking about Damage Control, Multi-Crew on Ships and the Room System and one talking about delays, frustration and not compromising the goals of Star Citizen being the BDSSE.

And that’s it for this Week’s TLDR.