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Star Citizen – Data Scrape

Hello & Welcome to some more Star Citizen, 

There was a Data Scrape of “Active Spectrum Registration Stats” from CI’s website AND I wanted to talk about some of the figures here as they are quite interesting tho a little vague. Please take this with a BAG of salt and I will be expanding out, estimating and fluffing some of the numbers here. There has been some talk about the info, it had been doing the rounds and what it means, so I wanted to weigh in a bit.

Where Did The Info Come From?

The Original Poster NightNord on Reddit said:

“long story short – I have a script that fetches number of citizens, backers, concierge and staff members (with potential to gather all sorts of information like subscribers, ETF members, etc) every day since 1st of August”

It shows some data on “Active Registrations” though we don’t really have context for the data and as it was scrapped we don’t know how it was being used

The odd figure here was official SC accounts vs Active Registrations.

There are 2.8 million accounts for Star Citizen but the Active Registrations are only at around 600k…That is quite a large disparity. 

However I believe that you have to have logged on to Spectrum or the Website more recently to be counted in that number… potentially when they unified the friends system on the site and in game.

So accounts that have not been active for a while or haven’t logged into spectrum wouldn’t be counted. In fact since I started writing this is appears someone has tested that theory and some older accounts are not showing on the list so it looks quite likely that might be true… tho I don’t have a precise indicator for what accounts count as “active”.

So it looks like we have some at least slightly more accurate-ish data maybe on those 600k users that have logged into spectrum since potentially the unification of friends/groups system.

Around 15% of them are Civilians, so that’s accounts that have yet to make a purchase (or have spent less than $40?)

The remaining 75% are Backers. It was unclear from the data though if backers had to have spent $40-45 on their account/have a game package OR just had to have ANY PURCHASE on their account even a $5 flair.

Just under 10% are Concierge; these are backers that have spent at least $1000 on pledges.

Those numbers are kind of interesting as if you expand that out and assume that the concierge has spent the minimum amount to be a concierge $1000 and a normal backer has spent $40-45, the cost of a starter ship. Then concierge have contributed 3 times more money towards the project than the players buying just a Starter Package when combined. Now obviously that is some quick maths and very rough… AND some concierge members have spend $10k’s and some backers are going to have spent $100s each.

Also of those 600k users it’s very possible that the % of concierge there is significantly higher as they are likely to be the more active players anyway.

With this in mind it’s also likely that the 15% Civilians is therefore lower here as it’s more likely that “active” players are backers at the least.

There are 614 Active Staff Accounts… so I’d actually suspect that is a pretty accurate count of staff and contractors that CI have currently.

Sub Revenue

There was some more bits hidden away in the .json file there appear to be just over 33k RSI Subscribers currently listed. This is makes sense and but is a little higher than I expected as previously I’ve estimated that cloud imperium have been making around $3-4 million from subs each year a little while back.

Centurion Subs – The Standard ones are $10 and the Imperator Super Subs are $20… there isn’t a break down of what type of sub they are BUT That’s got to be between $330k & 400k a month from subs and therefore between $4-5million a year from that sub revenue.

What’s the Current Funding?

The funding chart on the website shows $313.5m funding raised BUT that is not all of the monies. I would roughly estimate that with private investment, backer funding and sub revenue that Star Citizen has been funded to the amount of $430-440million to date.

I am thinking with the acceleration in funding and the length of time it’s going to take to get Star Citizen’s PU to a Live release we might actually see Star Citizen hit $1 billion in development costs before it’s fully released if you include things like Squadron 42 Sales when that goes on sale… and star citizen being developed over the next 6 years or so…

And that’s it for our dive today into that data that had been doing the rounds… it doesn’t really tell us a huge amount accurately but it does give us at least a little insight into active user breakdown and current subs.