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Star Citizen Redeemer Updates

Welcome to some more Star Citizen we have a load of updates on Ships and Ship Features some of which that are being worked on currently. So let’s take a quick look at the Redeemer, Vehicle in ship spawning, Docking, the Hull C, Armor, Shields & new Huds.

The Redeemer has been shown off a bit more… it’s moved very much into the GUNShip role. It has changed a bit from the original concept. LOTS OF front facing turreted weaponry. They have reworked the ships exterior, massaging the shapes to be more in line with Aegis while keeping the shapeology where possible. The nose, turret and tail have changed a lot.

There is a manned turret on the centre top and front bottom of the ship.

There is a ramp on the back. They’ve enlarged the interior allowing for better access to items. The Engines rotate for VTOL, it’s very suitable from atmospheric assaults.

The Redeemer IS NOT in active in engine development currently.

With Vehicle in Ship Spawning they are waiting for icache to be complete which allows them to then have dynamic item ports to then spawn these ships and vehicles in each other appropriately. Updates on this later it seems. Not looking like it’s for 2020.

Docking Update

Parasite Docking, the P52 with the connie also known as hard docking is being worked on now. They dealing with the quirks of having 2 vehicles connected together BUT it’s functional internally but they need to solve some physics problems with them.

With this kind of docking you need to request docking from the parent ship and they need to accept. A docking UI will help you dock, you need to get close and then it will auto dock when you are within a couple of meters in the correct orientation. This type of docking will be completed first.

They have a functional prototype for Ship to Station Docking. They are working out the last tech hurdles before it goes to full production. This will allow you to dock large ships with space stations. 

They will look at Ship to Ship docking later… it’s not a priority compared to Parasite and Station Docking.

The Hull C has had more of it’s requirements met, the ship to station docking with multiple animateable physics grids is something they needed to get done and now for the most part is complete. They need rooms/grids to scale and expand/contract with a single unified system. State changes need work as does the cargo system… with cargo having larger containers not 1000s of small ones. 

Physicalized Armor, Armor Penetration & SDF Shields are all in active Development. They are also part of FPS armor and gameplay too.

Once the tech is completed they will convert a small amount of ships over to the new system fully and make sure they play well with each other. It entirely changes how they game balance as it’s not as simple as this weapon does x damage to ship anymore.

The core tech for SDF shields is completed. They are making them look good at the moment. It then needs to work performance wise. The atmospheric entry effect also uses that tech on a simpler scale.

Ship HuDs

They are actively working on a complete Gladius HUD overhaul partly due to Squadron 42s needs. All manufacturers will be getting theme HUDs & MFDs for their ships. The functionality will be the same JUST themed differently. The aegis one they are currently working on is very different.

Also a quick PSA Cloud Imperium are rising the price of the the Avenger Titan and Origin 300i by $5 each BUT they change won’t hit until 3.11 goes LIVE. This will also mean the the CCU value of the ship will increase by $5.