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Star Citizen TLDR – Ready For Alpha 3.11?

Welcome to some more Star Citizen TLDR going on the star citizen news for the weekending the 27th of September.

The FreeFly Ship Showdown event is now over and the Carrack won the overall ship showdown BUT what does this mean. Well all players will be getting a in-game helmet available for free at the IAE later in November that is influenced somewhat by the Carrack.

Also the Carrack the the other top 4 ships so the Anvil Valkyrie, Aegis Eclipse, and Drake Cutlass Black will also bag the owners of those ships a free limited-edition ship livery and themed shirt for their character again to be revealed in November.

The Sneak Peek this week was of more curelife medical equipment and medicine, these props and items will help flesh out medical gameplay and areas in the future.

For RSI Subscribers there was a hint in the Jump Point Magazine at Military Surplus Uniforms as October’s Gear

Roadmap Alpha 3.11 Wave 1 PTU should be with us within the next few days sooner rather than later barring any problem blockers. Expect the 3.11 LIVE build to be pushed for the 10th of October most likely.

Price Increase The Avenger Titan & 300i are going up by $5 to purchase AND in value when Alpha 3.11 comes out to Live.

Inside Star Citizen this week saw CI talk about features coming to 3.11 focusing largely on Cargo Decks which are the new areas on Space Station that will eventually have a large among of cargo based gameplay associated with them BUT in 3.11 it’s more just the addition of the new POI, updates to the stations and the start of moving gameplay over to these areas. This was also the last ISC until the 22nd of September.

It was confirmed that the Mercury Star Runner will be in a 3.11 branch BUT not released with the initial 3.11.0 LIVE build.

More to that we had a post on Countermeasure & Missile changes coming in 3.11 to help with things until the major overhaul to the system later in 2021.

The basic changes are You are limited to a missile lock per launcher you have upto a maximum of 4.

Countermeasures should actually be effective and are changing to decoy and noise field with larger ships having larger more powerful ones.

Missiles can more readily be dodged & out maneuvered.

There were a load of updates to various Ship Vehicle Features in Calling All Devs

Vehicle in Ship Spawning will be worked on after icache is complete.

In regard to Docking they are completing the P52 to Connine Hard Docking first.

Then moving onto Ship to Station Docking, for which they already have a prototype.

Ship to Ship Docking will be worked on later.

Physicalized Armor, Armor Penetration & SDF Shields are all in active development.

The Redeemer is not in full production yet BUT we did get to see a load of its changes as it evolved. It’s very gun.. For a gunship it has at least 2-3 manned turrets here… one centre top, one underneath and one at the rear of the ship under the tail… though things might change and 1 of these might be a remote turret.

The Hull-C is having more of it’s tech requirements fulfilled. Cargo Updates are one of the main things they need now.

Ship HUDs will be getting themed and branded for manufacturers; they are working on that for the Gladius/Aegis at the moment.

And that was it for this week’s TLDR my body is ready for Alpha 3.11 Wave 1 on the PTU and I am looking forward to what October has instore for us.