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Star Citizen October 2020 Channel Update

Welcome to a BoredGamer Star Citizen Channel Update for October 2020, looking at what we have to look forward to this month.

Last Month’s Winner of the Talon was Derek Shall Congrats.

Hyndrosa on the Tweets won a ROC as well.

October’s New Giveaway is for a Mercury Star Runner.

People seem to love that ship… like a lot… I wonder if it’s more popular than the Carrack? Well whatever you just have to comment on any of my videos made during October to be in for a chance of winning that… feel free to like, subscribe and interact with the bell… it helps me and the channel out!

So what is happening in October in the world of Star Citizen?

Well there are a few things… Alpha 3.11 is coming out to LIVE and at time of recording is in it’s PTU phase. The 3.11 patch isn’t the most content filled patch we have had BUT it does have a lot of updates to the Environment, Stations, POI and QOL updates.

Combat with missiles has big changes making them much less OP and more sensible.

The removal of hard green zones around space stations is going to lead to interesting station assaults but also is a big testing ground for how laws and defenses can be used to enforce gameplay rather than no fire zones.

I’ll be covering the patch as it evolves in the PTU and goes to live and you can expect us to take a look at all the gameplay the new patch has to offer and we will be expanding our guides and looking a bit more towards ship builds and how to make money with each individual job role / gameplay look IF the patch is stable enough.

But various types of Station attacks and Security Force Fleet battles is something I very much want to spend a good amount of time doing.

A big question I keep seeing is, Is Something Happening on October 10th Instead of CitizenCon?

CitizenCon 2020 was cancelled due to the global situation BUT

Yes there is something happening on it’s grave BUT we don’t have hard details… don’t expect anything anywhere near the scale of CitizenCon… maybe just a few little things instead.

I’d expect to see Alpha 3.11 go Live and with that a sale with the 100 series and maybe a few other ships.

In 3.11 at the moment there is various Imperator Voting Propaganda for the 5 candidates.

The Voting for the Imperator begins 10th of October and it make sense that this will be reflected in anything they have planned for that date.

We could see some videos maybe showcasing near term gameplay, maybe a teaser, an update something… we don’t really know. I would expect some community posts and some competitions from CI.

There has been rumors of a new ship going to Concept like an RSI Gunboat, Xi’An Cargo Ship or Mobile Refinery Ship… all of which are possible… others are possible too.

It’s an interesting time with the IAE at the end of November typically being where the big sales and ships are focused on HOWEVER I am hoping we see some more bits on ships on the 10th.

Will we see an in game event? I hope so… something interesting happening in game would be great. I always hope that CI will put in the XenoThreat or Arlington Gang Mission on the sly… we will have to wait and see.

I’ll be covering the Imperator Election stuff with a summary soon and there will be all the usual patch notes, features and roadmap videos as well as news and TLDRs of star citizen that you have come to expect each week thru October… with the added bonus that zin should be making the edits a lot better for your viewing pleasure.

My editor zin has now been working for me for a month and they are preparing for various star citizen content BUT also we have been playing some other bits and working out how we want to do streams and gameplay.

Realistically she is a channel aid a 2nd smarter more competent boredgamer.

There is No ISC until the 22nd of Oct so… hopefully some of that other stuff will fill the gap. 

I am hoping we see a Pillar Talk for 3.11 and the new roadmaps for SQ42 and the PU come online… CI have been very good with forum and spectrum communication recently BUT need to get on top of the sharing of development plans and features in the short, medium and long term with their roadmaps.

Elite Dangerous & Star Wars Squadrons are on my radar for some content as well.

Although I just looked at the Steam Reviews for Squadrons and it was like 50-55% which suggests to me it’s either bad OR buggy currently… I suspect it’s a lot more basic rock paper scissors gameplay than some people where expecting with one of the classes of ships clearly being OP meta compared to the others… and lots of technical / performance issues… reason I say that is because I didn’t hear much about testing of the game and that suggests to me their test group was too small to effectively polish it… but yes content on that once it’s in a state that I think will be fun to play.

Elite Dangerous is looking really good with some of it’s updates I think the walking on planets and stations will do really well for the game.

Star Citizen PC Build

As some of you may know I am building a Star Citizen rig and that will probably be done within the next few weeks, I am holding out for a new Ryzen Motherboard when they come out (hopefully in October). The idea of the build is it’s going to be for content creation and playing star citizen BUT it’s going to be sensible repeatable hardware options… I am not getting a 3090 because it’s the best… I am getting a 3080 it’s a much better price point… I want someone else to go… that was a solid “affordable” build that I might get.

I’ll be getting a video or something out on the build and talking about that more soon.

A Special thankyou to Asetek for helping me with some of this… They make (or at least have been involved in making) my favorite CPU Coolers over many years now!

Health & Family

As many of you know I suffer from anxiety and depression… it’s been up and down over the last 3 months but mostly just me being a bit tired, waiting to get a blood test as I’ve had liver issues previously and am constantly worried BUT I am doing ok… I’ve lost weight and feel pretty good if a little lazy moving into October. Getting zin’s pay, pension and basic work schedule all sorted has alleviate a lot of stress!

My Dad has just gone through some radiotherapy and is actually doing extremely well. Thank you sooo much for all the kind messages and thoughts… it’s clearly helped somehow… even if it’s emotional support it is appreciated.

Talking about support there are a good amount of folks that support the channel via Patreon OR Becoming a Youtube Member via the Join button below one of my videos OR even with donations this has been a god send during the lockdown and allowed me the freedom to not worry about making a living THANK YOU!

A Special thankyou to  SgtEversmann or sarg3v3, Huntress, CopeCDT, Michael Ake, Myles Harding, Andy Green, Plastic, Dalamars, Havoc Gaming, Pixie, TheSteamPunk Devil, Julian Pace, Shite & Mantis. Thankyou soooo much…. Especially you sarg you’ve helped a ridiculous amount, you can thank these people and zinya… and potentially me for October’s content such as it is!

I get to play games and talk about Star Citizen to a community I love… thank you!

I am going to be shilling for Shadow again soon they seem to have their waiting times down now and if you are looking for an alternative to owning a gaming PC then their cloud gaming service is awesome, links below for discount to that… I am shilling for them now aren’t I…