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Star Citizen 3.11 – State of the PTU

We have had a couple of Star Citizen patch updates with the 3.11.0 PTU with a k & L patch… you may be asking hang on this is these are the first patches after 3.11.0 Wave 1… yes that’s true BUT the reason they are up to L now is because the Evocati patches used some of those previous letters.

I would expect the patch to go to wider PTU and Open PTU next week leading up to a Live Release probably October 10th. But let’s take a look at the patch notes and the state of the PTU.

3.11.0K Feature Updates

  • Added scrollbar to prison commissary machines 
  • Sentry turrets at rest stops and space stations now have proximity guidelines that will cause them to explosively self destruct if too far away from their post. So you can’t pick them up and move them anywhere.
  • There was a SFX pass on the incoming missile UI warning.

Some Bug Fixes

  • When building Heat at Low Orbit Stations, Security Patrols should now correctly show up to engage players.
  • Fixed an issue causing player’s loadouts not to change If they Exit to Menu/Disconnects during the Loading Screen for Prisons.
  • Fixed large, stationary arrows appearing in front of your ship when targeting an enemy ship.
  • Fixed S10 turrets at rest stops to not pitch and fire at at their full intended angles.
  • Fixed aim assist not functioning when targeting station turrets.
  • Turret Ramming should now correctly give a crime stat.
  • Fixed thrown flares and boxes to teleport back to players hands.
  • Fixed a brightness and irradiance issue with the dark sides of microTech’s moons.
  • Camera should no longer follow mouse inputs when using External Inventory.
  • Fixed the priming animation on grenades to trigger multiple times when rapidly pressing a mouse button.
  • Fixed weapon looping fire events double triggering causing a very noticeable spike in volume.

3.11.0L Feature Updates

  • Criminals will now respawn at GrimHex if they die without being arrested or log out without using a ship bed – This is fantastic and makes a lot more sense… I don’t want every criminal to go to prison… it needs to be risk/reward!
  • Armour mitigation of force reactions should now extend to attached items such as weapons, magazines, and grenades. I think that refers to if an item you are holding gets hit by a shotgun or blast that would cause your character to go flying is now changed so you get your armor bonus to that attached item… so you shouldn’t be getting flung around if you are wearing heavy armor and someone shotguns your weapon.
  • Restricted level 5 crimestat missions to 1 per server… makes sense otherwise the server could be packed with these if a group assaults a station.
  • Increased the decoy countermeasure count on the Xi’an Scout to bring it on par with the other ships.
  • Updated explosion VFX for station defense turrets.
  • The Stanton System should now be selected by default on the visit location menu after a player’s second login.

Bug Fixes

  • HUD elements for enemy ships should no longer be massively offset at ultrawide resolutions.
  • Players should no longer be timed out of using a Kiosk or an ASOP terminal after 1 minute.
  • ‘Warning: Major Unexpected Torque Imbalance ‘ should no longer persist on ship the ship HUD.
  • The Ore Deposit Kiosks in the Prison Work Mines should now display the correct amount and value of ore units present inside a user’s backpack inventory.
  • GrimHex’s Jurisdiction should no longer respect the UEE’s laws.
  • Wanted level 5 UEE Navy kills should now correctly count toward the mission tally.
  • Players should now be able to roll when flying the Prowler after retracting the landing gear.
  • The lower part of the Constellation HUD, which was showing missile and countermeasure info, should no longer be cut off.
  • Thruster effects should no longer be visible in cargo bay of the MISC Starfarer when hovering.
  • The cartography hologram should no longer be able to be seen through walls of the Carrack or on top of characters.
  • Fixed an issue causing close range FoIP animations to stop working the moment the two players try calling each other and accept the call.
  • Fixed place mode placing objects in the wrong location away from where the player selected.
  • The Ursa Rover should no longer be missing their target status on the Vehicle / Remote Turret HUD or MFD Screens.
  • Shopkeepers in Port Olisar should no longer be spawned incorrectly.
  • Fixed oversized particle effects.

Between the 2 patches they Fixed 5 Client crashes, 3 Server crashes & 2 Server Deadlocks.

The updated terrain and environments means that places or bugs like steggo canyon are gone BUT I am looking for any new interesting terrain features… basically the wonders of the 3.11 “world” so please poke me if you see any in 3.11.

I want to see how CI are going to address combat logging in the future, I do think it’s going to be a problem in 3.11/3.12… it’s an Alpha I suppose but still not in good spirit.

There are very much random death zones on foot which is very annoying trying to leave microTech sometimes xD

There is only 11 major issues listed now (though there are certainly others not listed) down from 22… that is a testament to CI really focusing on getting those bugs hammered out for wider testing asap.