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No CitizenCon 2020

This Week in Star Citizen looking at what’s happening over the next few days, what’s happening with the “event” on the 10th of October, that is NOT CitizenCon, when is 3.11 out, and much more. 

Cloud Imperium’s Molly further clarified what was not to be expected for October 10th and the Cancelled CitizenCon 2020: 

“We’ve been seeing some speculation in the community about a virtual CitizenCon and we just want to give you a friendly reminder that we postponed the event back in May. It’s important to us to set appropriate expectations and make sure nobody wakes up expecting a gameplay demo or a full day of activities. We’re just as anxious to bring back the CitizenCon fun as you are, but we’re committed to waiting until it’s safe for everyone to do so in person. That said, we’ll still be celebrating Star Citizen’s birthday this year in our own way with a variety of different surprises and we can’t wait for you to check them out. Stay tuned for more information on that later this week.” 

So we are expecting something on Saturday the 10th of October. 

It’s quite likely that there’ll be the live release of 3.11. This seems plausible as 3.11 is now out to open PTU. We know that the Imperator final elections are starting so there may be more going on with this than just the posters and audio propaganda currently in 3.11 PTU. 

We might have a sale of a new ship. People are speculating about an RSI Odin Gunboat, Xi’An Cargo ship or some sort of mobile refinery ship. 

There will probably be a Star Citizen Community Celebration video or similar. 

Maybe there will be opportunities to win some ships. 

It’s possible Cloud Imperium will unveil some plans for the future… though I wouldn’t expect anything major. 


New Buy Back Tokens have been allocated. For those of you that don’t know, you can melt ships you have previously bought into store credit AND you can buy that ship back anytime with real money (excluding a couple of promos/special cases) BUT only one ship can be bought back with Store Credit each quarter with a “buy back token”. You don’t get to keep them either, you can only have 1 buy back token at a time and they refresh on a schedule. 

The 2021 Schedule being January 4, April 5, July 5 & October 4

There will be a lore post for ship enthusiasts later today, focusing on the 2847 Tohil Regatta. 

On Wednesday there will be the Monthly Reports for both the PU & SQ42. These give us a huge amount of insight on what CI are working on currently and are pretty much the only Squadron 42 updates we get at the moment. We’ll be getting summaries of those up when they come out… it should hint at what is planned for the Intergalactic Aerospace Expo at the end of November and what is being worked on for Alpha 3.12, the final major patch of the year… will we get some of Pyro… we hope so… how is ToW (Theatres of War) progressing? 

Thursday, we’ll have information on the Imperator’s election, we know this is starting on the 10th of October, we might be able to vote or influence what happens. We will get a summary of that and the candidates up at the same time. 

Friday, SCL (Star Citizen Live) will have a pre-election roundtable. 

On Tuesday 12PM UTC they’ll be bringing down the RSI Pledge store while they deploy the newly updated RSI Cart. Molly Said: 

Downtime should not take longer than a few hours, but you can stay up to date with our progress on the status page: 

What’s so fancy about the new cart? 

I’m so glad you asked! We’ve done a complete front-end redesign of the cart and checkout flow with updates to the most recent APIs for our payment processors. This allows us to benefit from new features and security measures, improve the experience on mobile, and just generally create a smoother overall experience. 

Also, as somewhat of a PSA Molly again wanted to tell you about the need for AVX on your CPUs…  

“We wanted to give you a heads up that we’ll be updating our minimum system requirements with the update coming to the RSI Launcher tomorrow. Specifically, AVX (Advanced Vector Extensions) CPU technology will be a requirement going forward. It’s important to note that only older CPUs don’t utilize this technology, and we expect very few of you to be impacted by this change.  

AVX technology was introduced with Intel’s Sandy Bridge processor and AMD’s Bulldozer processor (both released in 2011). This means that processors that pre-date this will no longer be able to effectively launch Star Citizen from the updated launcher.”