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Star Citizen 3.11.0 Going Live

Welcome to some more Star Citizen, a Star Citizen Birthday Email went out seemingly to Star Citizen Account Holders that don’t have game packages with some teasers for Star Citizen plans on the 10th of October.

“Star Citizen will be celebrating its eighth birthday on Saturday and you are invited to the party! We have a lot planned for the next few days, from free goodies to contests to exclusive in-game opportunities, and you won’t want to miss out on any of the fun. If you’ve been waiting for the right time to start playing, the time is now!

You’ll need to get your game pack to access the digital goodies and other exciting goings-on happening this weekend, so don’t delay.”

We don’t know exactly what CI have planned… it’s not CitizenCon it’s a minor Star Citizen Birthday party!

Star Citizen Alpha 3.11.0 IS NOW LIVE but I wrote this just before it went live and was looking at the test patch… with that in mind the last PTU patch out was 3.11.0 p, only 6 Known Issues remain which is pretty solid going. let’s take a quick look at the Patch Notes Quickly.

  • Added a boost to AI accuracy convergence speed so that Enemy AI Weapons should now hit Player ships when they are Strafing, even at low speed.
  • Temporarily removed quick buy option for Med/Oxy pens as this wasn’t placing them in global inventory.
  • Increased Origin 100 series velocity, hydrogen fuel capacity, and fuel intake.
  • Fixed multiple issues causing EMP to be more powerful than intended.
  • Extracting groups of ore with the Greycat ROC should now correctly update the cargo inventory with correct amount collected.
  • Hammerhead and Scythe should no longer be missing shields.
  • The Esperia Prowler viewport should now open correctly.
  • Crashing/destroying a ship on the assigned landing pad should no longer leave that ship unclaimable via ASOP.
  • Trading kiosks inside the Trade and Development Division buildings should now be able to be interacted with.
  • Imprisoned players should no longer be able to log out, customize their character and respawn in the Prison Hub wearing their default flight suit and gun.
  • The Inmate Backpack in prison should now display correctly on players backs.
  • Ramming and empty ship or a S6 turret should now give the offender a proper crimestat.
  • After destroying ship, player should no longer wake from bed in EVA and die shortly after.
  • Fixed 5 Server crashes