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Star Citizen Birthday – NOT CITIZENCON Event

We now have details of the Star Citizen Birthday – NOT CITIZENCON Event starting well now… though most of the event is this Saturday.

Star Citizen Alpha 3.11 just hit the live servers, and it’s chock-full of new adventures, weapons, and more. But that’s just the tip of the asteroid when it comes to the festivities we have planned for this birthday soirée – you can expect free in-game goodies, gear and rollicking community contests. You can even have a hand in shaping the future of the Empire (and Star Citizen lore) by voting in the Imperator election. Don’t miss out on this once-in-a-decade opportunity.

So Alpha 3.11.0 LIVE is out. The 100 Series is on sale currently too. 

There is free stuff… CIG are giving a Free Digital Goodies Pack to backers. It didn’t say if is everyone with an account BUT I would assume you need a gamepackage or to have pledge some money on an account to be eligible. Not Confirmed. The Goodies Pack Contains:

  • An exclusive flight suit and helmet – in-game with Alpha 3.11
  • Iridescent Pistol – in-game with Alpha 3.11
  • The charming microTech mascot Pico the Penguin: Birthday Edition – for future decoration of ships/habs

Friday 9th October at 5pm UTC there is a LIVE AMA event with Chris Roberts, Todd Pappy & Tony Z answering Questions from the community on the Spectrum Forums. Questions can be submitted from 4:30pm UTC.

Saturday 10th sees the long awaited Squadron 42 Video Update with their first episode of The Briefing Room.

Chris Roberts is going old school with a Letter From the Chairman, typically these are quite long and go through the trials, tribulations and mid term plans for some of Star Citizen & Squadron 42s development from Chris’ Point of View.

Also on the 10th you will be able to vote in the Imperator Elections assumedly on the RSI Website, there are 5 candidates to choose from and this will affect the evolution of Star Citizen Lore.

If you fulfill your civic duty and vote, you are rewarded with a Spectrum badge, showing off your chosen candidate so you can easily support them.

Also Throughout October there is a Halloween 2020 event also running.

There is a Ghoulish Green Cutlass Skin ($5) available to purchase for your Red, Black or Blue.

There is a Pumpkin Carving contest too… for people with real life skills.

There are 3 new helmets as well… you can buy the Fieldsbury Dark Bear Helmets in various colors for $4 each BUT there are 2 exclusive helmets which you can only earn in game.

The Hill Horror Helmet is earned by visiting Benny Hendge.

The Snarling Vanduul Helmet is earned from fifty unique player kills (not AI) while piloting the Vanduul Glaive in the PU.

Which is made at least a little easier with the fact the Esperia Vanduul Glaive is available for everyone to use during October for everyone.

And that’s it for the details of the Birthday Not-CitizenCon Event Schedule. We will be covering each of the info dumps in some detail that being the AMA, Chris Roberts Letter, Imperator Elections, Squadron 42 Update and anything else that turns up!

A Couple of extra free things have been added to the mix. Due to issues with the Glaive people are also getting a Gladius to use for free during October AND Backers that had pledged before today (9th October) will all receive a special edition S-38 ‘One Empire’ Pistol.

The Free items will start to appear on players accounts over the next couple of days.

But what do you think, are you going to be participating in any of the events? Will you be trying to get any of the helmets? Are you going to be submitting any questions for the AMA? Are you disappointed by the lack of CitizenCon this year? Have you tried 3.11 LIVE yet?