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Star Citizen TLDR – 18th October 2020

Star Citizen TLDR looking at the Weekly News this time for the weekending the 18th of October 2020, we have teasers for something coming for IAE, a new 3.11.0b hotfix and a quick summary of Star Citizen Live that talked abit about what CI have planned for the short term for 3.11 and beyond.

In the Star Citizen Concierge Newsletter there was some hints of what is coming:

Our contacts have let us know to expect an exciting release at IAE next month, so keep your eyes open for further news. We will keep you up to date with details as they arise.

Under that there was also a picture of the RSI New York HQs. The assumption being that we are getting an RSI Ship or Vehicle as part of the end of November Sale & Event.

A few months ago SCLeaks talked about a potential RSI Odin Gunship coming to the game, it’s very possible that we could see that as a Concept or straight to flyable ship for that event AND possibly a few more.

In the Weekly Newsletter we also had a sneak peek of a new Gemini Sniper Rifle


Hotfix 3.11.0b Build

IMPORTANT: With this update we are temporarily removing the chest armor inventory on environmental suits so that the backpack will be the only option. In doing this, any items stored in your chest when 3.11.0b goes live will be deleted. If you have items such as gems or food in your Environmental suit chest inventory please move this to another inventory before 3.11.0b is LIVE.

  • Ships should now be able to lift off in decoupled mode.
  • Temporarily Disabled chest armor inventory on environmental suits to fix an issue that allowed FPS mineables to be infinitely re-sold if stacks of the same item are stored in both the backpack and chest storage.
  • Fixed an issue that was causing players who purchased very large amounts of FPS ammunition to not be able to equip any of them.
  • Security AI should now correctly spawn and engage players with specific CS levels.
  • Clients should no longer crash upon Arena Commander match cycles.
  • Fixed 2 Client Crashes & 2 Backend Service Crashes

Star Citizen Live

Staggers are not part of Force Reactions.

This will have you character stumbling in some situations.

Basically a partial loss of control in your character movement.

You will also be able to sitdown, brace yourself onto things or hold onto railings to help.

Drop seats will be very useful!

Wind could potentially knock your character over, force reactions are going to continue to evolve and improve.

It is going to be a fully systemic system

Station Defenses & Stations have the larger defenses on turrets rather than attached to the station because they didn’t want stations to be battleships and having them detached gives better coverage. 

AI Security improvements will be getting more complexity to them.

At the moment it reacts to combined crime stats in an area

In 3.11.1 (or a 3.11.x patch) they are planning some bugs to be fixed with this, where security forces will respond to you if you have a criminal rating already RATHER than JUST if you gain or get a larger criminal rating

They have uncovered a lot of bugs and improvements they can make from the removal of greenzones.

They may in the future not allow you to lock missiles in the greenzones as this causes a lot of issues.

In the future interiors will also be relaxed and fps combat will be able to occur on stations.

Spawn lockers are currently being worked on that will allow the spawning of NPC security forces too.

They’ve been further developing Capital Ships.

Major Unexpected Torque Inbalance detected is being shown too much as it’s a bit bugged.

They are constantly trying to improve Networking bits… there are dedicated teams working on it.

Originally there was 500ms artificial delay for smoothing animations, this was reduced to 250ms then variable with players with better connections getting only 40ms delay… however this got broken and they are having to re-enable it.

There are lots of bugs with Prisons in 3.11…

Spawning you with a new loadout and a item in hand seems to be causing bugs.

Commissary Machines are the first vending machines in game and different vendors for lots of items will be in the game in the future in many locations.

Server Issues can cause major issues with the prison gameplay too.

They are trying to solve these issues.

The PMA will be more of an assets list in the future. Physicalized inventory will have you interacting and customizing items infront of you or are physically on you. Icache is a requirement for this. It’s going to change the way you play star citizen.

You are going to really have to consider your gear and loadouts.

They have fixed a bug for the next patch where players wouldn’t be able to equip weapon mags.

Next year they are going to be focusing on bounty hunter gameplay.

You may have to track and hunt for a ship a bit more, you’ll see last know positions and potentially times when they were last seen.

Characters being hunted will have to be smart to avoid bounty hunters.

They have been working on weapons and character responsiveness. They want animations and interactions to not be clunky.

They are constantly tweaking bits based on feedback and metrics

Entering and exiting ships is currently getting improved.

They are going to making shotguns and animus more effective too.

Theatres of war is a useful test bed for the fixing of bugs, iteration & balance.

Delivery missions were reworked in 3.11 to use the dynamic mission system that is coming in the future. It allows the missions to be pretty modular and varied. This has at this stage simplified deliveries. They want large scale hauling in the future and they want a marked difference between courier missions compared to hauling.

Courier missions might have a time limit or be a small high value item.

They are working on dynamic brightness

Grenade Launcher OP currently – Physical damage will change this in the future.

Grenades are not blown by the wind currently.

Where can we sell slam? Currently nowhere as they regenerated stations… they want shady consoles in some shops OR someone you can sell to AND the salvage yards to have the ability to sell these items too.